Who Knew

5 girls go on a holiday to celebrate graduating highschool what happens when a they bump into a certain group of boys along the way. will relationships form? will friendships die? you'll have to read to find out ;) The boys arent famous here they are just friends.



6. six

I wake up the next morning to his arms around my waist and him spooning me and looking at me.

‘morning sleepy head’ he says smiling

‘oh morning’ I reply

‘you are so cute when you sleep I could stay here all day watching you sleep’

I blush ‘what the time?’

‘ah 9am’ he says ‘9am im meant to start work soon he quickly gets up and gets changed into the staff uniform which were hanging in the closet. I was secretly spying on him as he changed his shirt. He has the best body. We quickly make the bed and walk to the door and he hugs me and kisses me.

‘looking forward to tonight’

‘yeah same’ I say

We sneak out of the door and down the hallway come Kristy and Geby.

‘no way!’ they say

Liam kisses me one last time when as he rushes to the front desk.

‘wow, I never thought you’d be that type Rachel’ Kristy say

‘its not what it looks like’ I say

‘sure that what they all say’

‘no I mean honestly we didn’t do anything. Last night we called me outside and gave me flowers but I was locked out so we stayed in the staff room.

‘did you sleep in the same bed?’

‘ah well sort of… but we didn’t do it we just layed and cuddled me it was really cute’

‘oh okay’ geby says

‘im still not 100% convinced but I will give you the benefit of a doubt’

‘I swear im telling the truth!’

‘okay okay, I believe you’ Kristy says

‘but im keeping my eye on you’ she replies laughing.

‘well at least if you did at least he would have been worth it I mean look at him he is smoking’ Geby says giggling

We walk back to our hotel room where I get changed and we order room service.

When the waitor comes he tells me that the owner wants to see me in his office immediately!

I walk down to the floor level and knock on the door which says ‘Manager’

‘Ah I was asked to see Mr Green’

‘yes take a seat he will see you shortly’

I turn and see Liam sitting in a seat looking worried.

‘hey’ I say

‘hey’ he responds with an awkward smile.

We both looked at each other and new that we were in trouble.

‘he’s ready’ the lady says

‘we both hop up and walk into his office and sit on 2 chairs that were facing him.

‘well, can someone please explain what happened last night’

Liam explains the situation.

‘that sounds like a very convincing story. But im sorry to say we have a strict no relationship rule between customers and employees in saying that I have to fire you Liam’

‘what? No please. What could I do to change your mind?’

‘or you don’t see each other while at work, your decision’

‘okay..’ he says I cut him off

‘no  I don’t want you to lose your job just because of me. We wont hang while he is on duty Is that okay sir?’

‘okay fine but ill be watching you’

‘yes sir no problem’ I say

‘thank you very much’ liam says.

We both stand up and walk out of the room looking at each other. He opens the door for me. He closes the door and we walk into a

Small hallway.

‘so what do we do?’ he ask worried

‘um.. I don’t know we should give it a go.’

‘but how can I spend a whole day not seeing you?’

‘it will be hard but, im not letting you lose your job!’

‘okay well I better get back to work’

‘yes you should ill be out today with the girls anyway so I wont be distracting you’

‘yes you will!’


‘I cant stop thinking about you Rachel. You drive me crazy!’

‘your too sweet’

We hug goodbye as I walk back to my room get changed and ready for a day out with the girls.’

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