Who Knew

5 girls go on a holiday to celebrate graduating highschool what happens when a they bump into a certain group of boys along the way. will relationships form? will friendships die? you'll have to read to find out ;) The boys arent famous here they are just friends.



9. nine

We got outside still holding hands and just talking we walking along the path next to the beach.

‘so where are you taking me?’ I ask curiously

‘it’s a secret’ he replies

‘argh okay’

We walk up to a hill. It was really steep

‘are you alright babe?’ he asks

‘yeah im fine’

We eventually get to the top. All you could see was a beautiful look over the ocean where the full moon was reflecting over it and on the other side was all the beautiful lights of the city.

‘wow’ I say

‘this is my favourite spot’

He lets go of my hand and from behind me hugs me and just stand there with his arms around my waist.

‘its so beautiful’

‘not as beautiful as you  though’ he says as he looks down at me smiling

I look up at him I was about to say ‘okay okay  I get it shut up already’ But looking  into his eyes. His beautiful blue eyes, I could literally sit and stare at them all day. I reach the back of his neck pulling him in slowly and stand on my tipy toes (haha yes you are shorter than him tehe) he leans in as we kiss once again.

‘your so romantic Liam’

‘hah thanks’

‘you must bring all your girls up here’ I say

‘no… you’re the first person I have brought up here’ he says looking down at the ground.

‘what do you mean? Surely you have brought the boys up here?’

‘no its kind of my private place. Where I can just think to myself and yeah..’

‘why haven’t you brought any of your girlfriends up here?’

He pulls away and walks  to the side of where the ocean is and he puts his hands on the railing.

‘i-I haven’t really had a girlfriend.’ He says ashamed as he doesn’t look at me and just stares out in the distance.

‘are you serious? But you are so amazing I mean a guy as incredible as you. I would have thought you would have had a gazillion girls’

‘no, your my first real girlfriend. I’ve been on dates but I don’t feel a real connection with them. But now I have met you and couldn’t be happier’

‘sorry this is probably really weird for you I mean you would have so much more experience’

‘aww. No are you kidding me? I feel so special knowing I am the only one you have taken up here and how you feel about me. Hah me experience that’s a joke. I’ve had a few boyfriends but they never work out really well. One cheated on me. I mean he could have just broken up with me it would have caused a lot less heart break but yeah. My longest relationship was 2 months.

He looks at me in shock. ‘Someone cheated on you? What kind of prick would do that!? I would never do that to an angel like you!’

I laugh at him ‘its okay babe..’

‘not its not! I don’t get why someone would do that to anyone! The world is so messed up these days. With relationships anyway’

‘your telling me hehe. Well not all relationships’ I say as I snuggle into him.

‘no, not all relationships.’ He hesitated. I look up at him a little worried.

‘talking about relationships…. I was wandering would you be my girlfriend…?’he asked nervously

‘oh..’ I said

‘oh sorry it was a little sudden I completely understand if you don’t..’

I cut him off ‘no. no. no. its just I thought.. I kind of already was…’

‘oh.. well we didn’t really talk about it. So that’s a yes?’

‘haha yeah’ I say

‘well now its official’ he says

I face him and look up at him ‘not really…’ I wrap my arms around his neck as we kiss passionately again in the moonlight. I pull away ‘now its official’ He smiles at me again.

‘I can’t get over how amazing you are. Any way shall we get back to the flat?’

‘yes we shall,’ we start to walk down the hills. He looks at me with a cheeky smile.


‘I have an idea, jump on’ he turns his back to me and looks over his shoulder putting his arms out to catch me’

‘your going to give me a piggy back?’

‘why not?’

‘ah.. okay…’ I jump on wrapping my arms around his upper chest/neck. He walks down the hill and keeps walk. I could stop giggling. We got to about 100m away from the hotel flat. ‘hold on’ he said. He starts to run I grab tighter. By this time I was laughing so hard I could barely breath.

‘I can’t breathe I can’t breathe!!!’ I shout

‘Meanwhile you’re talking’

‘shut up!’ I say

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