Who Knew

5 girls go on a holiday to celebrate graduating highschool what happens when a they bump into a certain group of boys along the way. will relationships form? will friendships die? you'll have to read to find out ;) The boys arent famous here they are just friends.



5. five

We walk over to the bar to get some drinks when two of the guys come and sit next to us.

‘here you go ladies’ the bartender says as he hands us our drinks’

‘thanks’ we go to hand him the money but the guys sitting next us pays for us.

‘ah thanks’ Kristy says

‘no worries love’ he says as he flashes her a smile

‘thank you’ I say to the guy next to me

‘my pleasure’

‘what do I have to do in return?’

‘your number would be good.’


Kristy typed her details into his phone and give it back to him


‘yes and you are?’

‘Styles, Harry Styles’

Kristy shake my head smiling at him

‘wow, James Bond fan?’

‘no, just.. I don’t know hah’

They continued on talking.

‘Hi I’m Louis’


‘wow what a beautiful name’

‘um thanks it’s alright I guess’

‘s do you live here or just visiting?’

‘nah we are just staying here for the weekend, otherwise I live In the city with my friends’

‘wow nice’

‘yeah, its so vusy. How about you?

‘yeah I live here in a house with the guys that were sitting at the table with me earlier’

‘oh okay cool, its always more fun living together’

‘yeah except when no one cleans up’

‘yeah, well we are generally alright with cleaning up after ourselves except for Kristy and Beckee they are the messiest.’

We both kept chatting for the rest of the night until they walked us home.


‘its getting late’

‘yeah, I should probably leave now’’

‘I’ll walk you home’


We stroll back to the hotel. He walks me to the door

‘thanks for the night I had a great time.’ I say

‘no problems, so are we still on for tomorrow night?’

‘yeah for sure’


We hug goodnight. He starts to lean in.

Then the door opens up. Out of fright we quickly let go of each other nad take a step back

‘Rachel hurry up already, Beckee’s vomiting over the balcony lol, oh sorry’ Kristy says as she is drunk

‘ah okay, wow your drunk’

‘ah.. nah I just a few drinks’ she mumbles.

‘well I better go thanks again’ I say I kiss him on the cheek and walk inside to seeing Beckee, Geby and Kristy yelling out on the balcony.

‘I think it’s time we all go to bed’ I say

‘Beckee go to the bathroom.’

‘oh yeah….’ She says as she stumbles to the bathroom

Geby and Kristy were still outside being stupid’

We all go straight to bed. I toss and turn but all I could think about was Liam his beautiful brown eyes cute smile and adorable laugh. My phone lights up and my heart starts beating fatser I hope it’s a messdage from him.

I quickly grab my phone and read it

“ Good night sweety I hope you are having a great time. I love you xoxo Mum’

Argh why is it from Mum I mean I love her but *sigh* I reply back

‘yeah having a blast I love you too xx’

I roll back over trying to sleep when my phone buzzs again. Oh its probably mum just replying I though and ignored it. A couple of seconds later it buz again I check it

“come out on the balcony <3 –Liam’

My heart starts pounding as I quickly race out the front and look down I see liam standing with a bunch of flowers.

‘I know we only just met but..’ he yells

I cut him off ‘hang on ill come down, I cant here you very clearly’

I race out the door and run down the stairs to the front where Liam is.

‘I knoiw we only just met but will you go out with me?’

‘yes’ I smile

I run into his arms he pulls me back and leans in. we kiss and pull away smile at each other and kiss again, more passionately.

‘Rachel I cant get you out of my head, you are the most beautiful person I have ever met, inside and out. Everytime  I see you or think of you my heart starts racing and when I look into your eyes. Your beautiful blue eyes I melt inside and think to myself how is a clumsy guy like me socialising with a girl like you. You are way out of my league’

‘aww Liam, you are the cutest guy in the world I cant stop thinking about you.’

We talk a little longer.

‘I better go back, its getting late. Thank you so much the flowers are beautiful’ I search my pocket for the room key.


‘what?’ he asks slightly worried

‘I left my room key in the room nad everyone else is asleep.

‘you can crash at my room.’


‘don’t worry we just met I don’t mean it like that. Ill sleep on the couch, you can sleep in my bed.

‘aw thanks that would be really nice’

We walk up to a room in the hotel.

‘this is the staff room where we can stay on weekends and stuff’

‘wow its so nice.’

He unfold the lounge which turns into a bed’

I lay on it.

‘no its fine ill sleep her he says as he lays down next to me.

‘ no honestly its fine I don’t mind’

We end up staying laying next to each other. And fall asleep talkig to each other

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