Who Knew

5 girls go on a holiday to celebrate graduating highschool what happens when a they bump into a certain group of boys along the way. will relationships form? will friendships die? you'll have to read to find out ;) The boys arent famous here they are just friends.



11. eleven

‘aww’ kristy says

We pull apart and see Kristy looking at us. (not staring I obviously just saw you too confessing your love for one another then staring and when you kissed I looked away okay!! Haha im not a creep I swear! Lol) We both blush.

‘that was so adorable you guys are really cute together are you going out yet?’ she asks

Liam and I look at each other smiling.

‘in fact we are’ Liam says with a massive smile on his face.

‘aww when?’

‘he asked me last night when we went for a walk.’

‘oh.. explains why you took a while.’ She replies

‘yeah..’ Liam and I both say.

Harry wakes up and is staring admiring at Kristy really cutely. Liam and I both notice. Liam and Harry were doing signals to each other I did not get any of them at all. Kristy turns to see Harry is up. Harry has a really cheeky smile on his face. He leans back a bit then tackles Kristy pushing he onto the floor. Kristy screams as Liam and I laugh. Harry gets up and traps her from getting anywhere by sitting on her.  He grabs her arms by pinning them on the ground. He sits there staring at her.

‘What are you doing? Get off me!!’ Kristy screams yet giggling.

He leans in slowly their lips just touch then Kristy rolls over pinning him to the ground. So she was in the position he was in and in control. She leans in really slowly just above his lips then quickly gets up and runs off laughing. Harry gets up and chases after Kristy. He grabs her waist while she was still trying to run away. He pins her to the wall and kisses her slowly. She relaxes and kisses him back.

‘I want to ask you something outside’ he says to her.

‘okay..’ she replies. He grabs her and throws her over his shoulder so she couldn’t run off. He runs outside on the balcony. He lowers her down ever so slowly. Once she is upright they lock eyes.

Harrys POV

Okay this is it, im gonna ask her now. I can’t stop looking into her big hazel eyes, sparkling in the moonlight, she looks so beautiful. Okay do it now.

‘a.. Kristy.. I was ah.. wandering, will you go out with me? As in be my girlfriend?’

She smiles large and he eyes flicker down to my lips. My heart his pounding and beating faster and faster. She stands on her tippy toes and puts her hand on my cheek and leans in closing her eyes and kisses me passionately. We pull away out of breath. She has a huge smile on her face ’yes, it would be my honour’ she replies. ‘yes!!’ I cheer lifting her up by her waist twirling her around in cirlces as she giggles. I smile my biggest smile. I slowly lower her down and kiss her with all the I have for her. I cant wipe the smile off of my face as we walk back inside hand in hand. Rachel and Liam smile still snuggling on the couch along with Beckee and Niall who are now I the kitchen cooking us all breakfast, unless they are just cooking their own. You can never tell Niall eats so much.

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