Who Knew

5 girls go on a holiday to celebrate graduating highschool what happens when a they bump into a certain group of boys along the way. will relationships form? will friendships die? you'll have to read to find out ;) The boys arent famous here they are just friends.



8. eight

It hit 6:45 we all walk out strutting our stuff and walk over to the couch and watch TV. Until we here a knock at the door Beckee jumps up and opens the door to see all the guys smiling. She lets them in we all hop up off the couch and walk over to our dates. Harry hands Kristy a red rose. Louis gives Geby a lilly, Cassie is given a mirror. Niall gives Beckee a chocolate love heart.

‘so what have you got for me’ I ask Liam

This he pulls me in close and drops me down and kisses me.

‘woo’ Beckee chants

I stand up smiling

‘ah.. you could have left that for when you were alone’ Zayn says

‘but how can I show my love for her to everyone if I do that?’ he says smiling

I cup my hands around his face and kiss him on the lips.

‘okay so shall we go?’ Niall asks

We all leave and walk outside they all take into their own cars. Boys being boys they race to the house. We all came really close. But it was Louis last (surprise surprise) Zayn 4th, Niall 3rd, Liam 2nd and Harry 1st. We all are walked to their room theirs a dining table set up on the balcony, in the lounge room, dining room, rumpus room and in a bedroom. We ate a beautiful dinner and he started playing a song and sang it to me. It was ‘Summer Love’ I started to cry as I thought of how we would be leaving in 2 days.

‘whats wrong?’ Liam asks concerned as he grabbed me hugging me and holding my head. ‘was I that bad?’

‘hehe no, it was beautiful’ I stand back and wipe my eyes. ‘It just reminded me of how I will be leaving in 2 days. What will happen between us?’

‘oh babe please don’t cry, you’ll make me cry’

‘that would be a sight to see a guy cry for me’ I reply giggling

He puts his finger under my chin lifting it up as we look into each other’s eyes once again. He wipes away a tear with his thumb.

‘I can’t believe how beautiful you are! I am the luckiest guy in the world!’

I look down at the ground a little embarrassed and I didn’t know what to say.

‘and when you look down at the ground it ain’t hard to tell you don’t know-o-o-o you don’t know your beautiful’ he sings to me

I look up at him smiling I wrap my arms around him hugging him tight.

‘I cant believe how lucky I am to score such a sweet, thoughtful, amazing, sexy hehe guy like you’

‘I really like you Rachel’ he replies.

‘I really like you too Liam’

We loosen our tight hug and look into each others eyes and passionately kiss under the moonlight.

‘shall we go for a walk?’ he asks


‘I know the perfect place.’

‘he held my hand interlocking our fingers as we walk through the room to the door.

We see Louis and Geby in the lounge room laughing.

‘where are you going?’ Louis asks

‘for a walk we’ll be back later’ Liam replies

‘okay have fun’ Louis says

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