My Hogwarts Diary

My entry for the 'One Week at Hogwarts' Contest :)


2. Tuesday

Day 2:

I wake up from a peaceful sleep and rush to wake Ivy. I want to start exploring as soon as possible! Ivy leads me back down the spiral staircase and through the common room. I admire the beautiful dark blue carpet and the lovelt statue of Rowena Ravenclaw, the Ravenclaw House founder. The two of us walked from the top of the castle to the bottom, me stopping every few seconds to look through a window or examine a portrait. Those portraits are amazing! The occupants move and everything! About half way down the fourth floor corridor I look out of the window and see the black lake in all its glory!

Ivy sees me gawping at the large streach of rippling water and asks, "Do you like swimming? I think you are down for a lesson later in the week but if we hurry up and get to the hall, Professor Flitwick will give you your timetable." I smile at Ivy and tear my gaze from the lake. We almost run down the four flights of stairs to the entrance hall and into the Great Hall to have breakfast. I sit down at the table second from the left and smile at the people who are saying hello to me. I then see a familiar face.

"Luna? Luna Lovegood!" I exclaim as I see a white-blonde haired girl a few seats away.

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