My Hogwarts Diary

My entry for the 'One Week at Hogwarts' Contest :)


1. Monday

Day 1:

I walk through the gates with the winged boars atop and almost drop my bag. I look up at the enormous castle in front of me and let my mouth drop open. I am in awe of its beauty and grandure! It wasn't just the castle though. The amazing grounds, the black lake, the forbiden forest. They were amazing! Once I get over the first sight, I move towards the castle and almost skip up the steps to the big, oak doors. Once I get into the entrance hall I actually drop my bag. The entrance hall was massive! I suddenly realise that there are about twenty people staring at me so I pick up my bag quickly and rush into the Great Hall where I was supposed to meet my buddy for the week. I am introduced to a Ravenclaw third year, Ivy Poppy, but can't concentrate because I am trying to take in the vast hall with its long windows and floating candles.

As it is half past eight at night, Ivy leads the way up the marble staircase and up to the tallest tower which is where the Ravenclaw Common Room is situated. I am lead straight to the dormitary where I would be sleeping for the week and I unpack my stuff, say good night to Ivy and then fall asleep on my bed. I am so exhasted and, anyway, I have the whole of tomorrow to see everything!

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