One Direction One Shots

This is a collection of my One Direction one shots. Every time I get a new one written I will upload it as a chapter or two here :)


1. Somewhere Only We Know { Liam Payne not-famous }


This one shot is really special to me because I can relate to it in many ways. The girl's (Jamie, as her name is in this story) thoughts are mostly taken out of my own mind and that makes me and the character very similar in personalities. Also, I am a Liam girl to the bone, so when I wrote this as my first fanfiction with him in it, it's become kind of special to me. <3 I hope you all like it! (:


The bell rung above the flow of whispers, making every student jump up from their chairs and rush out of the classroom before the teacher could even dismiss them.

Every student except me.

It would have been hopeless of me to even try to get up from my seat and follow with the crowd out into the hallway. Therefore, I decided that I could just as well keep myself seated in the classroom for a few more minutes. 

As the last student walked past me, a crumpled paper ball rolled in a crooked line across the floor and poked the toe of my shoe. When I picked it up from the white linoleum floor, I took a questioning look at it.

Why wasn't it trashed in the bin by the teacher's desk? As I felt the curiosity in my fingertips grow, I unfolded the paper ball and smoothed out the fresh notebook page. My eyes scanned over the page's words and I quickly detected the elegant, awry letters as Jamie's, my best friend since as long back as I could remember. We had spent our whole childhood together and all the years following; right up until now in university where we were closer than ever.

I frowned when I glanced down at the crumpled notebook page in front of me. At first I thought it was wrong of me to pry in her personal stuff, but then again: we were best friends. Everything she had on her mind she could always tell me, and she knew that herself.


I should be following the class, but my mind is completely set off guard. I can't concentrate and lose focus within the few seconds I try to stare at the blackboard. Everything in my mind seems to lead me back towards the mirror in my room. Now that it has been months, if not years my thoughts have circled around it, everything seems to step over the line. Everything is too much for me to bear.

I know I am by far not the prettiest girl around. My hair is shabby and the most boring shade of black, and it is always greasy and hangs in gross splodges down my head. My lips are a clean, thin line and have a habit of cracking. The spots of acne on my pallid skin only makes me even more imperfect. And left to mention is the infecting fat on my thighs, stomach, arms and hips. Even though I try to get skinnier by the newest and rough diets, nothing about me seems to change. When I stare into the mirror, it's always the same, old, ugly person standing there as the day before. And in a strange way I feel like that's never going to change, no matter how hard I try.


After reading the page I would have expected myself to be furious, but instead I was heartsick. How could Jamie of all people feel that way about herself? In my eyes she was everything but what she had described on the paper's lines: her hair was black as the night, her eyes blue as the sea just before an evening sunset and her skin was as pale and flawless as Snow White's. Her beauty shone through to everyone and everywhere she walked, and I thought she had known that. But obviously not. 

I rose from my chair and trashed the paper in the bin before exiting the classroom and walking out into the crowded hallway, which was buzzing with energy and busyness. Within a few seconds I had spotted a familiar girl with long, black hair by her locker in the other end of the hallway, and while I made my way towards her I didn't hesitate on pushing a few bodies out of my way.

"Jamie," I breathed when I finally got to her. "Can I talk to you for a moment?"

She turned around, already wearing a smile because she recognized my voice as her best friend's. "Sure," she said and put a hand to my forehead like she was going to detect if I had a fever. "What's with all the frowning there, big boy? What's wrong?"

"I found your notebook sheet."

Jamie didn't make a sound. She stood still and didn't even try to look at me when she tightened her grip around the schoolbooks in her hands. She stared blindly at something behind me and I could almost hear the thoughts that were boiling up inside of her head. I anxiously swallowed the lump in my throat, worried that she might not ever say a word to me.


I didn't get to say anything more before she walked past me, nearly bumping into my shoulder as she rushed by. I could still see the tears in her eyes in front of me when I watched her walk with swift footsteps down the hallway.

But one thing was bothering me: she didn't even say she was sorry for leaving me alone with a bunch of unfair questions and empty answers. She just left me standing alone, without thinking about how it would make me feel.

And there was one more thing: she was perfection.

But she didn't know it.



When the bell rang out after last class, I went straight towards the by now ancient children's playground at the city park. All day I had been longing to talk things out with Jamie; if I was going to find her, this was without a doubt the right place to go. When we were kids we had used to spend most of our time here: running around the large, green quad, sharing each other’s candy, playing our own invented games with basketballs and doing the things a couple of kids normally choose to do on a Sundayafternoon. I'd like to think that the playground was our very own and special place, even now that it had been years since we had played there for the last time.

When I opened the playground's metal gate, I found exactly who I was suspecting sitting on the edge of the sandpit: Jamie. Her school bag was thrown on the ground beside her, the books in it scattered beneath her feet. As I got closer I noticed the puffy bags beneath her eyes and the pink tear marks on her cheeks.

"Hey," I whispered when I sat down beside her, gently sliding my arm around her shoulders. When she kept a straight face and only said a hasty, "Hey" back, I clenched my teeth together in aggravation. 

"Are you mad at me?" I quietly asked her.

She kept her look fastened at the ground as she lightly shook her head at me. "No, I'm not mad. It's just... hard to hear, you know? Even though you're the person closest to me, I didn't mean for anyone to read that paper."

"You shouldn't think that way about yourself," I say with a throat as dry as a desert. "To me you are perfect."

"Don't say that Liam," she snorted and threw me a hopeless smile, “I’m not worth lying to.”

"I'm not lying. Did you hear me?" With a gentle push of my hand I turn her face towards me, forcing her to gaze into my eyes. "You are perfect. In every single, possible way." Before I even knew what I was doing, I lean closer in to her for at last to smash my lips against hers. The almost dry tear marks on her cheeks still felt wet against my skin, and I slowly moved my hand to her face to wipe the last few marks of them off.

When I pulled away, I let my fingertips run over her cheekbone in a gentle caressing. "Do you know how special you are to me now?" I asked her.

"Yes," she said and showed me a smile that for the first time today made her look like she was genuinely happy. "Thank you for...I don't really know what for, actually. Just everything, I guess." While I put both of my arms around her waist to hold her closer, she rested her small head on my shoulder. 

"You know I love you, right Liam?"

I broke out into a smile. "I love you too. I think I've had since the very beginning."

And right there in the place that only we knew, a new story saw the daylight.

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