One Direction One Shots

This is a collection of my One Direction one shots. Every time I get a new one written I will upload it as a chapter or two here :)


5. Saving Grace { Liam Payne not-famous }


Flames surrounded me like a tube filled with people. Everywhere I looked, turned or seized they were blocking my view in an ocean of terror-striking, burning colors. They ate up my lungs, fed on the oxygen that was slowly starting to lack. My mouth felt as dry and heavy as deserted sand due to the inhaling of the poisonous air.

I threw open my bedroom door and coughing what felt like my lungs out, I hobbled down the narrow hallway and on towards the wooden front door. I knew that this would be my only escape. Grasping for the handle, I hastily pulled back. The metal had gotten so hot that it would've burned my skin off if I had held my fingers locked in place any longer. 

My head anxiously snapped back. Looking down the hallway, I discovered that the window in my bedroom would be my last escape. Now the fright crept in on me. As I could literally feel the smoke pollute my airways, it left me no mercy. 

The fire alarm whined from a distance, but it only sounded like a faint bell in my ears. 
I started towards my room's door, taking up a run. My hand fell upon its handle and it flew open by instance and smashed against the wall. A heavy cough that hurt more than I had imagined it to shook through my lungs. My dizzy eyes searched through the room; the smoke was even thicker and dreadful in here, but at last my glance got a peek through the dark-gray cloud and found the small window drama beside my bed. I climbed over to it. My head was pumping, my palms sweaty, the fright drowning out the adrenaline in my rushing blood. I cluttered with the window's lock. It slipped from my hands and I slid to the floor. My skin felt like burning on the hot floor when I fell, but I was unable to move. Petrified and limb, I lied there. Throughout whole minutes my throaty coughs didn't stop. They kept on coming and I was unable to do anything. I watched in terror as the flames in the room grew higher and moved quicker towards me by the moment. Soon, it would all be over. One last cough, and maybe everything would feel better. My eyelids almost flickered close--

My body was lifted from the ground. A couple of muscular arms imprisoned me in protection, but even though I wanted to look up at the guy and whisper a, "thank you," I couldn't. My eyes could barely make out his figure. 

The blurred lines of plump lips...

Marked eyebrows...

Burning brown pupils...

Then everything transitioned into a haze and the intense flickering dots in front of my tired eyes concealed my world in darkness.


Bright light escaped in between my shut eyelids, illuminating the black as the burning flame of a candle in an unlit room. I could feel my eyeballs move around in my scull, searching for a get-away. After a few minutes I finally found one.

I was staring blankly up at a ceiling. Its grey color was dull, as so were the furniture I noticed when I looked around the room; a single ice-blue chair, the bright lights of lamps hovering above me, a bunch of flowers placed on the coffee table just below a wide window. Its view was nothing extravagant: A beige brick wall of a building looking very much alike the room I had been transferred to. 

A long glance down my body made me realize where I was: The hospital. Around my legs and upper tummy blankets upon blankets were wrapped to my skin, keeping me warm in the cool climate of the hospital hallways. Thin tubes were lead through my nose. If I looked closely, I could see the fluid in them flow from the plastic bag hung on the stand beside my bed. 

How did I get here?

I thought I had choked to death on the smoke in that room.

The clicking sound from the door on my left hand made me seize back into reality as if someone had snapped in front of my eyes. An elder woman stepped into the room. Her grey eyes were warm when they fell upon my awaken state beneath the bed sheets. 

"How nice to see you conscious, miss Corby," she smiled. "I will make sure to send a doctor in to check up on you very soon. But for right now, it would be for the best if you rest a little." She looked behind her. "There's a Mr. Payne here to see you. Are you feeling tired or should I send him in?"

I opened my mouth to speak, but to my surprise the only sound breaking through was a hoarse groan. In stead I shook my head and weakly smiled, telling the nurse to go on.

"OK," she spoke. "I'll make sure he'll get to know you're available." Then she closed the door and I was once again left alone to the damaged pieces of my mind.

I didn't know anyone with the surname Payne. I couldn't help but to feel a bit curious and intrigued by whom the guy about to visit me might be. A frown slowly made its way to my face--maybe he was one of the men from my insurance company, wanting to discuss the matters with my burnt and pretty much ruined apartment. Gosh, I hadn't realized how much this was going to cost me. I guess I had to start saving up.

Again, the door clicked open, but this time it wasn't just a nurse wanting to check up on my physical whereabouts. This guy was young; maybe a few years older than me. His skin was slightly tanned, his body muscular and he was sporting an essential white tee with a pair of black jeans and some black converse. He was nothing extraordinary, but yet he managed to stand out from the crowd and make an eye-catching impression. It came to my notice that he had this strange light shining from him that told me he only was up to good. 

The man grasped for the chair in the corner of the room and within an easy movement he dragged it across the floor's linoleum tiles to my bedside. He sat down. "Hi."

My eyes peered into his chocolate-brown ones, and for a moment I got lost in my thoughts. Had I ever seen their warm depth before or was my skills of recognition just messing with my head? 

"Hi," I breathlessly spoke.

A small smile broke on his lips.

"Excuse me, but who are you?" I awkwardly questioned him. I wished I could just hide myself beneath the covers of the bed, but unfortunately my physical state wouldn't allow it.

"Oh, I almost forgot about that." His smile grew wider and I quickly noticed the characteristic crinkles by his eyes popping out. He reached a hand over the bed's low metal gate. "I'm Liam, Liam Payne."

I accepted his handshake. His skin was soft, the warmness of it making me want to hold onto him just a tiny bit longer. I was just about to present myself when he read my facial expression and broke me off.

"And you are Rose Corby. The girl who almost died in a fire. Yes, I know." He let go of my hand suddenly. When I regarded his face, I realized that he now looked nearly cast down.

I stared at him in marvel. "How do you of all people know this? You're just some random guy I met less a minute ago."

The minute the words had escaped my lips I wanted to take them back. Realizing how rude I had been to him, I sucked in a deep breath, but surprisingly he didn't seem to be affected by my words at all. On the contrary, his face was expressionless.

"Because I was the one who found you in that fire last night. I can claim knowledge on certain areas if that's what I want to."

Suddenly it all made sense. The eyes that was so familiar to me had been memorized into my brain because I actually had seen them...right before I passed out. His dark eyebrows, the full, pink pink lips, the small hint of stubble on his flawless skin, the brunette hair that was styled into a small quiff that was cut short on the sides; everything about him was exactly the way I remembered, as if someone had inked every single detail of his incredibly dashing and attractive looks into my mind like a tattoo.

This Liam was the reason I was still breathing. 

He was my savior.

"Y-you saved me?" I tried to restrain myself from trembling. 

His eyes flickered to my hands before they finally glanced back up to lock with mine, gazing solicitously into them. "Yeah."

He reached for my hand. A weak smile made its way to his lips as he gently squeezed it. I had to admit it; the image of him was beyond beautiful.

"Miss Corby, my name is Dr. Ray wood--" 

Both of our heads snapped to find the voice's source and we ended up detecting a doctor in a long, white coat standing frozen in motion by the door. Clearly, he had discovered he'd interrupted something. He immediately pulled on a stiff smile. "Mr., if you are not a close family member to miss Corby, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. You can come back tomorrow morning."

Liam lifted my hand to his lips and tenderly pressed a kiss to its bruised skin. I quietly thanked my yet recovering body for being able to hide my flushing cheeks. He then squeezed it one last time before he resistantly let it drop from his and rose from his chair. "I'll be back before you know it, love." 

Before I had comprehended what had happened, he had slipped right out of my fingertips.


"To be honest, I didn't think you would've come back to see me." I tilted my head to gaze at his face. Liam looked taken aback by my words. He frowned.

"Why wouldn't I? There's this sort of connection between us I simply can't overlook. You know how people say that sharing a tragic and life-changing experience tie two people together? I've realized it's really not that far from reality. I can't live with myself not knowing you."

We were sat at a small bench in the outer skirts of the hospital's private gardens. This morning the doctors had come to an agreement of letting me go home already tomorrow evening. Except, there wasn't that much of a home to get home to. Everything was covered in ash, burned black dots in the ceiling and the only things that had been saved from the incident was the cellphone that had been in pocket alongside a few hairpins. This had resulted in the hospital finding me some used and dull clothes for me to wear when I didn't feel the need to use the despicable hospital cloak. So for now, my only solution was baggy sweatpants, hoodies and old, dirty sneakers.

"You know, my whole life I've wanted to become a fireman." He sent an unhappy stare at the ground. "I just never thought I would start out like this. My education will start in the fall, but I've already saved someone out of a lethal fire."

"So you are actually trying to become a fireman?" He nodded. I couldn't help but to feel impressed and slightly fascinated by him. How come his bravery was big enough to risk his own life and run to somebody's rescue? Because in this case, that somebody had been me. It would be ignorant of me to say that I wished I had choked to death in that smoke. "What made you aid me? I mean, to me it didn't sound like anyone was hearing my desperate shrieks."

"I didn't." He forced his glance away from the gravel and let it travel to my eyes. "I was at my friend's flat, and then suddenly this weird smell got to me...walking out of the front door I quickly realized that it was the smell of burnt wood, smoke and-- I hurried downstairs, but when I tried to open the door, of course it was locked. So I ended up smashing my shoulder against it to make it move out of place." He smiled weakly at me. "Which it did."

My gaze fell from his still adoringly brown eyes to our hands on the bench's tree boards between us. They were affectionately intertwined, I realized.

"You know you could've just turned away and walked upstairs to call an ambulance," I finally whispered. 

"There was no time." Liam's face went from earnest to amused at once. "I've always had a bit of a heroic gene anyway."

I had only know him for a day; yet we could talk for straight hours and the smile on his pink lips always made a proper one appear on mine. I loved how things were him were easy. Except the subject of a certain fire, we could make an entertaining conversation out of anything thinkable. Was it really that wrong of me to think that he and I actually shared something special?

"Rose, can I ask you something?" Liam's voice echoed inside my mind. My glance fell upon his face; just the image of him smiling shyly at me like this made my eyes light up. "I want to take you out sometime. Outside the hospital. A place where we can actually converse without getting interrupted or being supervised by doctors." His lip curled in a crooked grimace when he secretively glanced across a man in a white coat standing not too far away from us from the corner of his eyes. Liam moved a tad closer, our shoulders now touching, foreheads almost colliding. "You are beautiful. Shy, but to me you shine brighter than a starry night-sky. I wanna get to know you so badly." He paused, laying his glance off my lips to meet my eyes. "If you will let me."

My hand touched his face and the gap between us became shorter. Suddenly, his lips were pressed firmly against mine in a soft, chaste kiss that lasted just long enough time for it to still stay innocent. 

I couldn't comprehend what was happening. How did I get here? With a guy so gorgeous he could be sent from heaven? But, maybe he was: My guardian angel. 

He slowly broke away, but only such a short distance that our lips were barely separated. His breath tickled against my cheekbone, but I resisted a giggle as I was scared I was going to ruin the flawlessly perfect moment.

"I suppose that's a yes?" Liam smiled into my ear.

My arms wrapped closer around the small of his neck and I pulled myself in to lean against his chest. "Of course it's a yes, what else would you have expected me to answer?" I teased with amusement in my still raspy voice.

Right before a final smile slipped onto my lips, I heard him express a cheerful chuckle, "Even if you had dismissed me I would have made you go out with me." 

The man who had saved my life placed a tender kiss on the back of my hand. Just like the day we had met each other for the first time in consciousness.

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