One Direction One Shots

This is a collection of my One Direction one shots. Every time I get a new one written I will upload it as a chapter or two here :)


3. Distance { Niall Horan }


This is a one shot with "Nemi Loran" - Demi Lovato and Niall Horan. I ship them, so if you don't like them together I'd defiantly not recommend you to read on...anyways, I hope everyone else likes it :)


The teaspoon she was holding onto lightly with the edge of her fingertips made almost inaudible, metallic noises as she moved it through the brown substance in her porcelain cup. The aroma of it filled her nostrils with the bitter sense of coffee as she took a sip of the liquid. It was lukewarm, almost cool. Just like her heart.

She sat alone in the café, her mind aching as she glanced at the seat opposite her own. Empty. Just when she needed him the most, he wasn't there.

Tugging in some of her loose, brown hair behind her ear, she pulled out her phone from her bag and entered her twitter app. She knew that if she tweeted something her mentions would be over flowing with words; both the nice and the bad. Her fans were lovely and always supportive, but her haters were...reckless. Whenever Demi Lovato was active on twitter, people would go insane. So she decided just to scroll through the tweets on her timeline for now. And that's when she saw it. The icon of that one, goofy guy with the blonde strands of hair topping off his brown roots. Just seeing those baby blue eyes on her display made her world tumble down and fall apart.

@NiallOfficial: Home in London ! Missed being around ! New York was again a buzz, hope to be back sooon ! Crazy crowds at the gigs !

She swallowed. Of course he was allowed to be happy to be home again, he had just been touring straight for two months, but had he completely forgotten about her? Maybe he had...the last time they had seen each other was three weeks ago, and that was only a brief moment at the red carpet before an award show where both him and his boys were nominated.

Hearing the sound of his voice over the telephone wasn't the same as the Irish-accented one you could clearly spot when you talked face to face with him. She missed him. She needed him. Didn't he know that?

Her hair fell down in cascades over her face when she lowered it closer to the lit up screen in front of her. What if she just tweeted him something simple, something only he would understand the true meaning of? Maybe they could meet halfway between their two so different worlds.

@ddlovato: @NiallOfficial Cookie time?

She could always hope he was going to answer, but you could never put your bets on anything when there was literally billions of people tweeting him things at the same time. But still she hoped he was going to take notice. She knew he would understand her tweet better than anyone else.

On their second date, they had been at her house when he out of nowhere had gotten hungry and asked for chocolate chip cookies. Since she had been too lazy to make some, they had gone down to the nearest grocery store and bought seven different packages of cookies, just in case he could eat more than he possibly thought. And while eating those cookies like the fat, gross animals they were, they had shared their first kiss. Ever since then, when they mentioned the words "cookie time" in each other's presence, they would steal a kiss or two. It had become their very own way of telling each other just how much they loved the other.

She had lost any of the interest she'd had left for the coffee. Now it was even cooler than before, and sure would taste awful. Maybe she should just skip this one, sit for another moment and enjoy the silence?

That's when she heard her ringtone. Grasping for her phone, she hurried to pick up the call. "Hello?"

"Hiii babe." A smile immediately took place on her lips. The accent on the other end combined with the familiar voice made her detect the caller within a second. It was him.

"You saw the tweet?" she shyly spoke, trying to hold back the wide smile that would be soon to see on her face.

You could almost hear the smile in his voice. "Of course I did."

Running her index finger up the brown cloth on the table she was sat by, the smile on her lips kept in position. Right in that very moment every worry was forgotten, hidden away in the back of her mind. "Where are you?"

His voice sounded a tad confused when he replied. "Thought you saw my tweet? I'm in London."

Her heart dropped; and so did her happiness. The one moment it had been there, crystal clear, the next it had been gone. His voice could tend to make her forget every bit of her surroundings, and when she came back from daydreaming, there were always something that could paint her skies grey. Like now.

"Oh. Yeah, I know." She hadn't meant to put that much of a depressing tone into her voice, but now she had done it anyways. She couldn't help it.

He sighed, confused and sad at the same time. "Babe, you know better than anyone else just how much I love you."

She stared down in her soon-to-be empty coffee cup. "Yeah, I do." Her voice was trembling now, her lips parting slightly just by the thought of him. The hole in her heart was constantly getting bigger. It was never healing when she wasn't with him. "I just miss you so freaking much. It-"

Before she got to finish the sentence his voice cut hers off, speaking the exact word that had been on her mind. "Hurts. I know just how you feel."

For a while, no words were spoken between the two of them. She was satisfied just hearing his breathing, but apparently that wasn't how he was feeling. "What's the matter, darling?" he silently questioned her, almost with a soothing tone.

She swallowed, trying to hold back the tears. They had been away from each other for so long. Toolong. "I need you here. You're always in the UK, but I need you here. In L.A."

A serious tone was heard in his voice. "Look up."

"Niall, what do you mean by-"

Once again, he cut her off. "No. Open those beautiful brown eyes for the world to see."

Not knowing what to believe, she finally obeyed and glanced up from the table, letting her sight stare through the tall window frame not too far away from her table's position. And then her eyes lay on the boy with the blonde-brown strands of hair, his familiar wide smile showing the moment he saw her looking his way. His baby-blue eyes were to see even from a distance.


"I'm right here, princess," his voice echoed through the phone, the boy on the street's lips moving in sync as he spoke the words.

There was no doubt. It was him.

Everything she had been holding onto dropped to the hard surface of the table as she got up from her chair and rushed out of the café's sliding doors. As soon as she got out he was there, a big smile on his face as he cupped her face in his large hands and leaned in to press his lips against hers in an emotional kiss. It had been so long since they had touched the last time, but still it felt like they hadn't been away from each other for as much as a second.

When Niall pulled away, the feeling of his velvet lips was still lingering on her own full ones. He then embraced her, pulling her as close into him as possible. She rested her shower of long, brown waves on his muscular chest, and right in that moment, she could've sworn she had never felt happier.

"I thought you were in London?" she quietly whispered against his shirt, making sure it was only loud enough for him to hear.

He smirked as he planted a tender kiss on her hair and afterwards one on her rosy cheeks. "I thought I would surprise you. Make you feel happy again - therefore I might be planning on staying for a while, if you don't mind?"

She giggled, pulling her arms around his waist to ensure him that his suggestion was more than fine with her. It had been months since he had stayed over at her place the last time. "Gosh, I love you," she told him, his T-shirt causing it to sound like a shy mumble.

His blue eyes were shining brighter than the most beautiful stars when he solicitously smiled down at her. "Well, guess what? I love you more."

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