Little cabin on the lake

This is my first one, please comment uour thiughts on it. ill try to update it often. Tori thinks that this morning is going to be boring same old same old, then she meats Liam Payne!!! Nothing will be the same ever again.


4. She's okay!!!

Tori's point of view:   I wake up with the throbbing still pounding in the back of my head, when I try to sit up a doctor rushes over to me and lays me back down saying, "Hun, that's not such a good idea considering how much blood you have lost." I look around the room for Liam, when I dont see him I start to panic. I say hoarsely, "Where's Liam?!?!?" she looks confused, then says, "Oh you mean the boy who dropped you off, he's coming." I feel relieved as I wait for him.    Liam's point of view:   It's been 2 hours and I'm starting to worry that she didn't make it. I start to cry, just then, a nurse walks up to me and says, "Don't worry she's just waking up." the Nurse leads me to a room, and when she opens the door, I can see two beautiful blue eyes staring at me. I start to tear up. I go over to her and hug her. I let go cause I can feel her wincing. She lays back down and sighs. I can see that, she doesn't realize that that an IV is connected to her arm. She looks like she's fighting to stay awake. I tell her, "Tori, don't fight it. U need your sleep. I'll be waiting right here." and when I say that I hold her hand. She mouths something to me before she slips under. I cant understand it, but I'll ask her when she wakes up again.   
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