Little cabin on the lake

This is my first one, please comment uour thiughts on it. ill try to update it often. Tori thinks that this morning is going to be boring same old same old, then she meats Liam Payne!!! Nothing will be the same ever again.


3. Oh my gosh!!!!!!

Tori's P.O.V:

He is sitting next to my almost lifeless body. He curses  to himself, and then says, "Oh my god, please don't die!!!! I didn't mean to!" I can croak out the words, "I know you didn't mean to." when he hears that he looks over at me and sees that I'm staring right back at him with a huge grin on my face. He helps me sit up, and I feel a throbbing in the back of my head. Liam moves my hair and sees that there's a big, bloody gash in the back of my head. He put me in my kayak and swims me back to shore. When we're on land he takes me out of the kayak and lays me on the ground. he digs his cell phone out of his bag and starts calling someone, my ears are to clogged to hear what he says, but I think he's calling help. All of a sudden I see a speed boat coming towards us. Before I blackout I can remember Liam carrying me into the boat, and running back to the cabin to get my suitcase. 

Liam's point of view:

I can't believe it. This is all my fault!!!! When hey boys get here with the boat, Zayn is behind the wheel, Louis takes Tori from my arms into his, and Louis wrapped her head a blanket.  Niall and Harry try to calm me down. Niall says to me, "Come on mate, we all know it was an accident." I know that he's right, but I still say, "Yeah, but I could have killed her." I cant take it anymore and break down into a cry. Zayn floors it and we're back to our place. And I pick up Tori and rush over to my car and rush of to the Hospital. When I get there I carry her into Emergency. The lady behind the counter asks me, "Hello sir, how can I help you today?" I almost scream, "She has a giant gash on the back of her head!!!!" the lady picks up her phone and says something to quiet for me to her, and all of a sudden two nurses come over with a stretcher. I put Tori on the stretcher and they wheel her away. I ask the lady  behind the desk, "When will she be back out?" she thinks for a second then says worriedly, "I don't know, if you give me your name we can call u from the waiting room when she's out." I give her my name and I go sit in a chair. 

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