Little cabin on the lake

This is my first one, please comment uour thiughts on it. ill try to update it often. Tori thinks that this morning is going to be boring same old same old, then she meats Liam Payne!!! Nothing will be the same ever again.


2. Lets go swimming!!

Tori's P.O.V:

When it got dark I  ask Liam, "you need a ride... Er should I say boat ride home?" Liam shrugs his shoulders, then nods his head yes. Once we're on dry land, Liam takes me to where he is staying before he can move into the cabin, I ask him if he came lives alone, he says, "Well me and four other guys!" I look at him strangely and then say, "You and four other guys?" Liam looks like 'aww crap I shouldn't have said that'. He then asks me if I  want to go swimming, you say, "yeah sure".  I grab my swim suit and run off to the bathroom to change. When I come back Liam has already changed. When we finally get outside and down he little dirt path to the lake, I see the the water level has dropped a bit. I warn Liam but, he seems to have no worry. I swim my way out to the dock with Liam hot on my heels. I dare him to jump in first, he says, "No, I think that u should!" while he says that he picks me up, and throws me in the water. At first I am thinking to myself, 'I'm so gonna get him', but I realize that the shock of my body passing through the water's surface has left my arms and legs paralyzed and then when u try to get myself back up to the surface, I end up banging my head against a rock. Liam is still on the dock waiting  for me to come out of the water, when I don't he gets panic stricken. He gets down and shallow dives into the water, and pulls me back to the surface

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