Dissolved in Night

A description.


1. Dissolved in Night

Traveled to the spot,

in the darkness we ate the Sun.


Too happy to sit we began to move,

a journey down the side of a cliff,

too much noise or a loss of footing will be fatal.



Like the snake swarming with ants,

degrading its meaning,

or showing that it all means one and the same.

Giving back what it has taken.


Still we did not appreciate the send off,

crack a bottle on them!

Scare them off!

Even if its just for a moment, a fleeting moment.


Too much noise.

The light turns on, the dog barks,

move on you kids! move on you scum!


Cut through the long grass,

keep your footing, keep your wits,

don't lose your mind, what's left of it anyway.


Trucks on the road, they scream and charge, 

just don't get hit, you'll be fine.


Here's the haven,

eat, rest, put those weary feet up.


One has gone, one is lost.

Mustn't leave any behind,

and so the journey continues,

no rest for the wicked.


Home this time,

for those who know the way.


Strange lights put the mind at ease,

the lips and tongue loosen and the whole life is told,

or maybe tonight is the whole life.


This stuff is heavy man, real heavy.

No wonder you need to escape.


At home laughter and friendship soothes the soul,

the only thing that can lead you through the darkest of the night.


And then all of a sudden, in the blink of an eye,

is that?

Yes the dawn approaches.


Run towards it, reach it, it is there,

climb the roof get a closer look.

Beautiful isn't it?

No more need to eat the sun it is right there,

already a part of you, ready for the next day.


When they ask how a journey can be:

happy, sad, scary and safe, all at once,

now you know how to explain,

now you know what to say.





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