You Won't Believe This-Fun Facts

The Craziest Fun-Facts Ever! With Proof of Course!! You Won't Believe This! (ask to see Picture Proof data in Comments)


6. TV Shows

 1)Fez, a foreign exachange student from the TV show "That 70's Show" name is anacronym...F.E.S. = Foreign. Exchange. Student.

2) In the WHOLE ENTIRE SERIES of "That 70's Show" they never reveal where F.E.S. is from, they only know he is a foreigner

3) Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato were in "Barney and friends"

4) The bully that loves poetry from "Boy Meets World" plays a football player in the movie "Remember The Titans"

5) Lucas Cruishank or "Fred" from youtube  has 3 movies and 2 albums, 1 youtube channel and stars in 2 shows.

6) Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were in a 90's show on Disney Channel called "The Mickey Mouse Club"

7) "The Wonderful World Of Disney" is a TV show that aired 53 years is on the "Longest American TV Series List" on Wikiperdia.

8) Seasame Street aired for 43 years.

9) "Wizard's Of Waverly Place" The American TV show ended January 6, then came back with a new show call "Wizard's Return" on March 15,2013

10) There is an American TV show on the "Longest American TV Series List" on Wikipedia called P.O.V.

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