You Won't Believe This-Fun Facts

The Craziest Fun-Facts Ever! With Proof of Course!! You Won't Believe This! (ask to see Picture Proof data in Comments)


2. Health

1)Crying is healthy it reduces stress, lubricate and removes irritants to making you feel better.

2)You can cure hiccups by pulling your tongue out or sticking you fingers in your ears for a few seconds.

3)A condition called "False Awakening" is when you dream that you have woken up but are still asleep.

4) Grammar Pedantry Syndrome" is a form of OCD which is the need to correct a grammatical error.

5) You can survive on an all potato and butter diet because it has all the necessary nutrients your body needs.

6) You human being can only last 11 days without sleeping, in hours it is 264 hours.

7)Dancing has scientifically been proven to make you smarter and healthier.

8) People who cannot understand Sarcasm are more likely to suffer from dementia and experience the decline in the brain's abilities.

9) Apple's are more efficient at waking you up in the morning than caffeine.

10) Drinking caffenine at a early age can cause loss of height development making you stay you height. (only if you have it often,unlike once in a while)

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