You Won't Believe This-Fun Facts

The Craziest Fun-Facts Ever! With Proof of Course!! You Won't Believe This! (ask to see Picture Proof data in Comments)


5. Animals

1)A blue whales fart is big enough to enclose a horse.

2) The smallest horse has it's own coloring book.

3) A jelly fish is 95% water

4) A hippo can outrun a human. (0.o) (so if they was a hippo apocalypse we would ALL die.)

5) There was a tortoise who died at the age of 256! 1750-2006 R.I.P.

6) Bunnies hiss!

7) There is a species of Cats called Munchkins with fat legs....

8) A pekingese dog nickname is a "Peke".

9) Polar Bear's are left handed...

10) Slugs have three noses!

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