Who do you think I am?

This fanfic is about a normal teenage girl who recently moved to a new school. At her new school she meets a boy with curly hair and green eyes. Will they ever date? Are things gonna get tense between them? Read more to find out !


3. Woah....

The sight of my new house made my jaw drop. DANG THIS HOUSE IS HUGE! My mom heard me yell and she chuckled yea it's big. Once she said that I said out loud "that's what she said" me and my mom bursted out laughing. Once we calmed down my mom said "ok let's go inside" "YAY!" We walked through the front door and I just felt like I was in a dream. "Woah!" My mom was checking out the kitchen it was huge and beautiful. "Go check out your room Chelsea!" Ok! I rushed up the stairs, I saw my room it was so cool but it just needs a little decorating. I  was looking around my moms room and wow it had a jacuzzi and a shower and two sinks! Don't even get me started on now big her bed is! Lucky her. I started to unpack so did my mom. I painted my room lavender. Me and my.mom went shopping earlier and got the things we wanted to decorate the house. I got a purple rug and placed it on the ground. I loves my room  and after I finished I went downstairs to Help my mom decorate the rest of the house. *2 hours* later we had finally finished and I have got to say our house looks great! Me and my mom ordered pizza. About 15 minutes later I heard the doorbell ring. "I'LL GET IT MOM!!" I opened the door to see the pizza guy holding a box of pizza. He kept staring and his eyes were going up and down my body I felt goose bumps forming all over my body and chills down my back and the guy had an evil smile spread across his face.

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