Who do you think I am?

This fanfic is about a normal teenage girl who recently moved to a new school. At her new school she meets a boy with curly hair and green eyes. Will they ever date? Are things gonna get tense between them? Read more to find out !


7. What the heck?

I heard this annoying high pitched voice it sounded like a squirrel in a blender. "OMG HARRY!" She squealed. I looked over to Harry he seemed annoyed "hi Jennifer" he said annoyed. "I've missed you so much" she said. "Me too" Harry said. He glanced over to me and said "Chelsea this is Jennifer my girlfriend" WAIT WHAT THE HECK!! HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND AND HE NEVER TOLD ME!! I was angry but I hid my emotion and said " hi Jennifer!" She smiled and she smiled back. Ooo I just want to punch her so bad. I like Harry but he has a girlfriend well this sucks. *harrys pov* when I told Chelsea about my girlfriend Jennifer I saw her look a bit upset and annoyed. Gosh why does Jennifer have to go to this school. I like Chelsea the way she smiles and her beautiful curly hair and the way she laughs is adorable. I harry styles am in love with Chelsea Olsen. *jennifers pov* I was walking down the hallway until I recognized my boyfriend but he was walking with another girl. I came up to Harry to say hi and he introduced me to this ugly little butthole. Eww she was so ugly her hair is so ugly it looks like a birds nest. Ugh why does this brat have to be walking with Harry ?? I should be waking with Harry NOT HER! *Chelsea's pov* after Jennifer left I told Harry I have to go to the bathroom. He smiled and said "ok ill meet you in science class". And with that said I went to the bathroom and Jennifer popped up uh oh this can't be good. She yanked my hair and pushed me into the bathroom. She pushed me against the wall and said " Harry's mine you little butthole so I suggest you stay away from him or else things will go bad" she said rudely. I pushed her so she would let go of my hair and she did but then she slapped me across my face. I got up and grabbed my book bag and tried to leave but she wouldn't let me go. "Let me leave to science class please" I said. "Ha your not going anywhere until I'm done with you" she said. She threw a punch at my eye"OWW" my eye now was throbbing . I was lying on the ground and she gave me a kick in the stomach and then spit on me then left me lying there. I checked my eye it was turning purple and my cheek was red and turning purple too. I started to cry in the bathroom. I grabbed my back pack and put on some make up to make it look like nothing happend and after that I went to science class. *at science class* "oh hi you must be Chelsea our new student" I nodded then smiled weekly. "You can call me mr. G" I chuckled then nodded. " Chelsea you can sit next to Jennifer" oh great you put me next to the girl that gave me a black eye. I nodded then I glanced over at Jennifer who evilly smiled at me I felt chills down my back. I was scared of her she whispered to me "oh this is gonna be fun" I started shaking like a chihuahua. During class she kept giving me death glares . Science classed ended and I felt so relived. I got up from my chair but then Jennifer tripped me and i fell flat on the floor. Harry rushed over to help me up." Are you ok Chelsea?" I looked up to see worried harry looking down at me. "Yea I'm alright" he helped me back up and grabbed my backpack and gave it to me. "Thanks " I chuckled " no problem" he said. He gave me a kiss on my cheek but it was the cheek Jennifer slapped. I flinched and whispered ow. He looked at me for a moment the he put a little bit of water in his hand and wiped my cheek slowly. Shoot he's gonna see the mark. He was shocked at first the he clenched his fist and tightened his jaw. " who did this to you?" I looked at him he looked angry. " nobody" I replied he said "tell me Chelsea!" I was worried I didn't want him to find out.
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