Who do you think I am?

This fanfic is about a normal teenage girl who recently moved to a new school. At her new school she meets a boy with curly hair and green eyes. Will they ever date? Are things gonna get tense between them? Read more to find out !


1. MOVING?!?!

HONEY IM HOME!! I heard my mom yell from downstairs. I quickly jump down the stairs, hey mom! Hey sweetie! I brought food. OH THANK LORD I WAS SO HUNGRY! Yay Chinese food! While I was stuffing my face with noodles and orange chicken my mom said that we needed to talk. Ok Chelsea umm well I got a new job... That's great mom! But Chelsea heres the thing...my job is all the way in London so you will need to change schools and we are leaving in 2 weeks... WAIT WHAT?!? 2WEEKS?!? But I love it here. I love my school my friends... Look I'm sorry sweetie but its just how it is  I'm sorry we just need the money. It's ok mom I understand... Are you ok Chelsea?? Yea I'm alright mom plus I've always wanted to go to London. Ok great! Love you I'm gonna take a bath! Ok mom! Once my mom left I had finished my food I grabbed the fortune cookies that were at the bottom of the bag and opened one. The little paper said : you will find someone special. :)  I ate the cookie and kept the tiny paper and put it in a safe spot. I just kept smiling at the thought of it.. *the next day at school* hey Chelsea! Oh hey carol... Are you ok Chelsea?? Yea I'm alright.. No you NOT! I know you Chelsea! Ok fine yesterday my mom told me something... WHAT?!? Carol asked eagerly . Well I have to move to London in 2 weeks ... Oh  I saw the sadness in Carol's eyes. It's ok carol don't worry I will text you call you and Skype you! I know I just don't want you to leave... I know I don't want to leave you either then we heard the bell ring . I gotta go carol I have to go to math class! Ok see ya Chelsea!  *carol's pov* I don't want Chelsea to leave she's my best friend and I'm gonna miss her A LOT. I just wish she didnt have to leave. 


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