Who do you think I am?

This fanfic is about a normal teenage girl who recently moved to a new school. At her new school she meets a boy with curly hair and green eyes. Will they ever date? Are things gonna get tense between them? Read more to find out !


10. How did this happen??

I woke up dizzy. I found myself lying in a basement floor I was tied up and my mouth was covered by duck tape. I tried to get out but I couldn't the rope tied on my wrists were too tight. I heard talking and then footsteps I quickly closed my eyes and pretended like I was sleeping. Then I heard guys talking and their footsteps came closer and closer they said : haha yes we've got a good one here. She's hot I so want her right now. Ugh perv. He woke me up and I opened my eyes hello girl he said with a evil grin. "So your probably wondering why you are here." He said. "Your gonna have the time of your life" he said. He untied my wrists and took the duck tape off. He took me too a room.ugh oh that's not good.he said "take off your cloths!" He demanded. I started with my shoes."forget your shoes!! Hurry up already! Or else" he pointed a gun to my head. I was take my cloths off and afterwards I was then just in my lace bra and panties. Until Harry came and bursted out the door. "Leave her alone!" He yelled. "Shut the hell up kid!" He pointed the gun at Harry. "Harry leave please" I whimpered. *harrys pov* I saw men take Chelsea away and they hit her head!! They started to drive away quickly so I ran as fast as I could. They were in a house and I came at the perfect time. I'm guessing he was about to rape her. But luckily I came.i bursted through the door and said "leave her alone" but the man pointed a gun to my direction "Harry please leave" Chelsea said. But I was going to help her. I left like I was leaving but I pretended I left. I stood back. *Chelsea's pov* Harry left as I told him to I didn't want him to get hurt. " now where were we" the guy said "go into the bed" I went over to the bed and laid down the guy was on top of me and I saw Harry come in slowly and quietly. He grabbed the gun and pointed it to the guys head. " get off of her" he demanded. The guy scared quickly got off of me. But then 

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