Who do you think I am?

This fanfic is about a normal teenage girl who recently moved to a new school. At her new school she meets a boy with curly hair and green eyes. Will they ever date? Are things gonna get tense between them? Read more to find out !


12. he found out

*the next morning* i woke up in Harry's arms I could hear harry's soft snoring. i got up and went to take a shower. *Harrys pov* i woke up on the couch and i noticed that chelsea wasn't there with me i started looking everywhere for her and then i heard someone singing. *chelsea's pov* i was singing Lego House by Ed Sheeran i just loved that song. "im gonna pick up the pieces and build a lego house if things go wrong we can knock it down" hopefully harry was still asleep i dont want him to hear me sing. *harry's pov* i heard chelsea singing and she started singing Ed sheeran god i love this girl. she sounded so good and so i went inside the bathroom and i started singing along. *Chelseas pov* i sang" if its dark in a cold december but i got you to keep me warm" and someone scared the crap out of me when i heard "if your broken i will mend ya and ill keep sheltered from this storm thats caving onnn noooww" . "AHHHH' i screamed and looked at harry who was sitting on the toilet. "im sorry you had to hear that" you said blushing. "no no no its ok you sing good" you felt your cheeks getting warmer "t t hanks" you stuttered. " can i go in the shower with you?" harry asked. "ummm no thanks" 'but we can save water" harry said giving you the puppy eyes,now how can you say no to that face. "ughh fine" "YAYYYYYYY" harry screamed and started undressing. OH SHOOOT you thought cause you have a huge scar across your stomach and i didnt want harry to see it. Crap carp what do i do what do i do?? you thought. " im coming in!!" harry shouted you panicked and so the only i can think of is turn around and not face him and cover the scar with your arms. "why cant you face me" harry asked "umm i just like facing this way i like it like this" i said. "chelsea what are you hiding from me"?? at that moment harry turned me to face him and he scanned my body. "its ok you dont have to cover yourself your beautiful" he said. i shook my head and held my arms tight around my stomach. "please" he said and so you let your hands go and harry was shocked" who did this to you?" i stood there quietly and i watched as harry examine the scar. " i i d dont want to talk about right now". " ok when you are ready to tell me you can tell me" he said with a lot of concern in his voice. 

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