Could this be real ?

I saw him the first time in the middle of Algebra. His lucious brown hair, his perfect green eyes. Mr. Minrow asked him who he was, he replied "Louis Tomlinson." Could alyssa fall in love with this Louis boy? Or will he be trouble?


1. The first time

 Beep beep beep ! My alarm screeched telling me it was time to go to the place I dreaded going every single day. I smacked my snooze button and lugged myself out of bed to the bathroom. I quickly stripped down and got in the shower. After I was finished I wrapped the towel around me and walked to my dresser. I grabbed out a pair of black skinny jeans and a plain teal baggy Tee shirt. I grabbed my eye liner and mascara and quickly put it on. I got downstairs and my mother was already there eating. 

"Hey mum can I have 20$ I'm going to Jessikas after school and we are going to the store." She handed me a twenty and I grabbed an apple off the table. Right as I say down I heard Jessika pull up in her car. I got outside Nd hopped in the seat beside her. When e got to school I unloaded my bag and stuffed the rest of my books in my locker with my bag, and got into my first period class: algebra. Halfway through class a VERY handsome boy walked in he had brown wavy hair and piercing green eyes that were to die for. "Louis Tomlinson." He said he glanced at me and I quickly looked back down at my homework and pretended to work. I peeked a look back at him and he was still looking at me. He was soo cute. I looked around the room and the only open seat was beside me. My stomach did a flip flop. "Did the principal give you a schedule?" Mr. Minrow asked. "Yeah." He said. Oh my gosh. He had a British accent and that made him even more cute. The teacher pointed beside me and Louis came back there. He got out a notebook and started writing sonething in it. He ripped it out Bd handed it to me. I looked at it and smiled it had his number on it and said "text me love.xx" I looked at him and smiled. This could really work I thought. I can't wait to tell Jessika!!


A/N hey guys!! This is the first EVER fan fiction I've ever wrote so please no hate!!(: and will Lou and Alyssa get through things? Or is he jay bad news? Guess you'll have to read to find out!

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