Could this be real ?

I saw him the first time in the middle of Algebra. His lucious brown hair, his perfect green eyes. Mr. Minrow asked him who he was, he replied "Louis Tomlinson." Could alyssa fall in love with this Louis boy? Or will he be trouble?


5. Meeting the Boys

It was Friday night so Louis' friends were coming tonight. Earlier he asked me to come with him to pck them up. I told him they could stay at my house. We went to pick them up and suddenly I saw 4 people and they looked crazy! But they were all cute. "Hey guys!" Louis said hugging them. "This is Harry," he said pointing  to a boy with very curly hair. "This is Liam," he had short stubbly hair. "This is Niall," he pointed to the only blonde. " and this is Zayn." He pointed to a boy with a black faux hawk. "Hi, I'm Alyssa." I said smiling. We headed back to my house and they got into their rooms. We sat down on the sofa and Louis said "what do we do now?" "TRUTH OR DARE!!" All five of them yelled in unison. So we got on the floor and I ran to get a bottle. 


A/N sorry this is so short I have Easter today!! (:

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