Could this be real ?

I saw him the first time in the middle of Algebra. His lucious brown hair, his perfect green eyes. Mr. Minrow asked him who he was, he replied "Louis Tomlinson." Could alyssa fall in love with this Louis boy? Or will he be trouble?


2. Lunch

The rest of the periods seeme to fly by. Me and Louis had the same schedule so far. Next thing I knew I was carrying a lunch tray. I told J (jessika) about Louis ad she was really excited for me. Almost on cue he was beside me and asked if he could sit with us. I almost choked. " oh! Um.. Yeah!" J and I moved over so he had some room. "So what do you guys do at lunch?" He said munching on a carrot. " we usually talk about the lame teachers and stuff like that." "Oh." He said. "What classes do you have next?" I asked. "Umm English with Mrs.Quieffer. Heheh funny name." He said looking up at us,"then Drama , Chior , and then Swimming." "Oh me to!" I said. "You sing?" He said. "Yeah." "Then sing." He said. "Umm... Right now..?!" I said. "Yeah." He told me to sing my favorite song by Katy Perry so I started to sing Hot and Cold. "Yeah your hot and your cold your yes and your no your in then your out your up then your down your wrong when it's right it's black and it's white we fight we break up we kiss we make up you, you don't really wanna say no but you, you don't really wanna go-o" I said and by now the whole cafeteria was looking at me. Then sonething happened I wasn't expecting.. Everyone was clapping for me.. Woah. The bell rung and it was time for my next class. English. Ugh. I hated the class and teacher. So I just plug my headphones in and sit at a table with no people with me. One of my earphones was ripped out of my ear, I thought it was Mrs Q but it was Louis. "Ello love." He said smiling. "Oh hi." We talked for hours and I learned he was famous back in his hometown with 4 of his friends Niall Horan,Zayn Malik,Harry Styles, and Liam Payne and they were flying up here this weekend. The bell rang and we were of to Chior.

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