Could this be real ?

I saw him the first time in the middle of Algebra. His lucious brown hair, his perfect green eyes. Mr. Minrow asked him who he was, he replied "Louis Tomlinson." Could alyssa fall in love with this Louis boy? Or will he be trouble?


4. Kiss you

I got home and texted Louis right away. 




"Okay! What's up love?"

" Nothing do you have Skype?"

" Yes. Why?" 

" I hate texting lol" 

" what's your Skype name?" 


"ok mine is Tommoman16"

so I called him and OMG I think he was sleeping because his hair was a mess! " okay you look.. Hot." He laughed "thanks.." "Do you want to come over and we can do the song my moms on a business trip and won't be back for three months. "Yeah ill be there in fifteen minutes." I hurried and looked at myself in the mirror and applied some watermelon cherry lip gloss on. I heard a knock, " come in!" I yelled. " where are you?" I ent downstairs , "up here c'mon!" We went to my room and sat on my bed. "Okay how so you do this I have no clue I've never done this stuff before!!" I said laughing. "What do you want it to be about?" He asked. "Hold on" He told me "Yeah okay!" I looked over at the paper and at the top of it says Kiss You(directioners know how this song goes so I don't wanna write the whole thing.) he wrote the whole entire thing. I read it over," who is this about?" I asked. "You" he said blushing. So I leaned over and kissed his cheek. "Alyssa, will you go out with me?" He said "yes!" I said hugging him.

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