That One Belieber

19 year old super star Justin Bieber meet beliebers all the time. But when 16 year old Taylor shows up at one of his meet and greats everything feels different. He can't get her off his mind. The only thing stopping him is his 19 year old girlfriend hazel. Will he see the truth behind her or stay with her and keep letting her hurting his beliebers?


64. Chapter 62: I have to do this

Justin's POV 

me and Taylor where walking out of the hospital hold hands. I was so lucky to have her and I seriously don't know what I would do without her. We got in the car a drove home. 

I'm really tired Justin can you please wake me up when we get home. I'm sorry I'm just so tired and... 

Dont worry Tay go to sleep I'll carry you in when we get there. See you in the morning. I love you. 

I love you to Justin. You are the best boy friend ever! 

Uhhh boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend. I don't wanna be her stupid boyfriend. I want the marry this girl so bad knowning that she will be with me forever. I can know every morning when I wake up my beautiful wife will be by my side. Uh I have it do this. And fast 

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