That One Belieber

19 year old super star Justin Bieber meet beliebers all the time. But when 16 year old Taylor shows up at one of his meet and greats everything feels different. He can't get her off his mind. The only thing stopping him is his 19 year old girlfriend hazel. Will he see the truth behind her or stay with her and keep letting her hurting his beliebers?


51. Chapter 49: Youre.....

Justins POV

i was sitting there when the judge came back.

Alright quite in the court. We have discussed and we have decided that Mr. J Bieber is pleaded guilty for attempted murder on Miss T. Kartly. You are sentenced to 1 year in jail and 6 months of community service afterwords.

My heart just broken in to a million pieces i wont be able to see Taylor of a whole year. i cant make music, i cant tweet or meet any or my fans and i repeat WONT BE ABLE TO SEE TAYLOR FOR A WHOLE FREAKING YEAR FOR SOMETHING I DIDN'T DO!!!!!!! I looked over at Taylor and she had tears in her eyes. the matched the ones coming down my face as well. Scooter look disappointed in me even though he knew i didnt do it. and my mom, i saw the tears in her eyes as she looked down  what is going on what did i do wrong.... why would god do this to me i give back all the time and he knows i didnt do it. what am i going to do?  

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