That One Belieber

19 year old super star Justin Bieber meet beliebers all the time. But when 16 year old Taylor shows up at one of his meet and greats everything feels different. He can't get her off his mind. The only thing stopping him is his 19 year old girlfriend hazel. Will he see the truth behind her or stay with her and keep letting her hurting his beliebers?


42. Chapter 41: But how?

Taylor's POV

after Justin told me that it was him it all came back to me. I recognized the guy from somewhere but I just didn't know where from. I knew I saw hazel with some guy and I guess that was the guy that attacked me. It all made sense. Hazel only used Justin for money and fame. She probably split the money with him. It all made sense to me and inward sure we where right but how can we convince the court that he did it an how can we convince them that Justin didn't. The though of Justin going to jail scares me but I just have to stay strong I know I can't show it but its not so easy to hide all the time.  

Hey Justin.


do you think the court will believe you?

I uhh... I don't really know to be honest

What if they don't! What if they send you to jail what if....

taylor don't worry we will find a way to make sure that doesn't happen. Scooter is gonna get the best lawyer we can get and with you by my side. He won't stand a chance. 

Thanks Justin. 

Thanks? For what?

always keeping me strong. You know Im a belieber and I look up to you and always will even before we met you would always make me feel better even though you didn't know it or even know me it just help me though everything. Life's hard really hard especially when your not normal. 

Hey who said you wanna be normal. Normals boring.

see you did it again. 

Did what? 

Made me smile when I don't think i can. 

Hey. When u smile I smile right. 

Uhh your so weird. But that's ok I'm weird too   

Good now let's gone wired together. I have always wanted to try something. Are you in?

what is it? 

I can't say yet but you have to trust me on this. It's gonna be weird. 

Cant I know first? 



good, now follow me. 

With that we left. I had no idea to where but he grabbed my hand and ran down stairs to the lobby. Oh god Justin what are we about to do? 

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