That One Belieber

19 year old super star Justin Bieber meet beliebers all the time. But when 16 year old Taylor shows up at one of his meet and greats everything feels different. He can't get her off his mind. The only thing stopping him is his 19 year old girlfriend hazel. Will he see the truth behind her or stay with her and keep letting her hurting his beliebers?


37. Chapter 36: Wheres Here

Taylors POV

when i woke up justin was leaning over me

where here

uhh justin wheres here?


NO WAY JUSTIN you brought me to hawaii

ya only the best for my girl

he winked at me and i gave him a HUGE hug.

thank you justin

your welcome.

lets get ready and go to the beach. where meeting up with Zayn Natasha Niall and Nialls Girlfriend Nicole.


i gave him a hug and we got up to get ready. i put on my bikini and and shorts. i was looking around for a shirt but they where all missing.

Hey Justin have you seen any of my shirts?

Uh.. ya..

well where are they

im not saying

well i need to where a shirt down to the beach.

i know, your gonna wear mine.


he cut me off and throw me a shirt. i didnt wanna argue so i put it on. it smelt like him. i loved it. he lead me out the door and we walked to the beach. when we got there he lied down two towels and we sat on them. after a little while Zayn Niall Natasha and Nicole walked up. Justin  introduced me to them and the boys decide to go swimming. Natasha, Nicole and i seemed to really get along well. we could all relate to the same things we where in the middle of a conversation when we heard screams. we looked and the guys where sprinting towards us with fans close behind. more people realized and the crowd was getting bigger. the grabbed our hands and we grabbed our bags. we ran back to the room but i was slowing down half way there. people where still following us so Justin scooped me up and ran with me in his arms. my ankle hurts alot i think i twisted it when we ran off the beach. we got into our room and we all sat there worn out.

Me Natasha Niall and Nicole where all planing on going out to dinner tonight, you guys can come if you want.

Justin looked at me wanting  me to answer

ya sure we would love too. what time?

uhh be at our room at 6:30 our reservations are at 7.

ok see you then.

They left and we headed in to our room to shower and get ready.

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