That One Belieber

19 year old super star Justin Bieber meet beliebers all the time. But when 16 year old Taylor shows up at one of his meet and greats everything feels different. He can't get her off his mind. The only thing stopping him is his 19 year old girlfriend hazel. Will he see the truth behind her or stay with her and keep letting her hurting his beliebers?


28. Chapter 27: Were meeting them today

Justin's POV

i woke up and it was 10 am. Taylor was still asleep so I let her be and walked over to my pants which were on the floor still. I put them on and went to our little kitchen. I decided that I wanted to make her a special birthday breakfast but I had no food so I called room service. They came 30 minutes later and I brought it into her. When I opened the door she rolled over to face me. 

Good morning beautiful 

good morning Biebs. What's that?

surprise! Breakfast in bed. 

Awww thanks baby. 

I also have another surprise from you. 


Well today before I take you out some where I want you to fly to Stratford with me and go see my family. I really want them to meet you. We will stay there for a few days and then be back right before we leave for tour. Oh by the way scooter knows and he knows that your coming on your with me. The best part is that he's completely fine with it all. 

Really OH MY GOD Justin that's awesome for both. I can't wait when are we leaving?

Uh 3pm so we have 5 hours till then. So don't rush your breakfast alright if you do I'll need to feed it to you. 

Who says that's a bad thing. Oh and one more this Justin. 


when are we seeing them?

Were seeing them today. It's not a super long flight so we can be there for an hour then I'm taking you out my for a special night

Alright Justin I cant wait!

Taylor's POV

im super exited to go see his family. I'm so happy that scooter knows now too. It's a huge weight that's now gone.  I finished my breakfast and packed my stuff up still leaving 2 hours till we left. I knew Justin was done and I wanted to do somthing before we left. Just I didn't know how to get out with out him seeing. I tryed going through the bathroom and out the front but he saw me trying to open the door. 

Where are you going Tay? 

Oh well uhh..

come on tell me

Alright I was going to go to the ball park. 


 Well Justin I have gone there every year on my birthday since I was 5 I jut go and sit in the middle of the field and listen to music. Then I go across the road and hang out in the stage that they have set up for little shows. 

Ok we can go or if you want to go alone then ill drop you off  but why?

well Justin I have always wanted to be a dancer but I had to give it up because of money and I wouldn't be able to play ball so I quite by force and I miss it. 

But why the ball park?

well because softball always made me happy i loved playing it but I had to quit it for school reasons. I can't go back in to it when school starts in Septemberr. Grade 12 I need to focus on my grades and study's. 


Both of our faces changed when I said school. We realized that I couldn't go on tour with him I had to go back for grade 12. 

Justin I just realized I can't go in your with you for the whole time I completely forgot about school. 

Ya I did too. What are we going to do? 

Maybe you could have a tutor come with you but I missed out on my whole high school experience and as much as I love you and want you to come with me I can't ask for you to do that. 

Justin I know what I can do!!


Well there's a laptop program so I can go to school Wednesday and Thursday and fly to you Thursday night then fly back Tuesday night. This way I will only leave you for 2 days and ill still have some time there and ill make sure ill keep up with all my work.

Awww well I guess that will work. 

Why the awww? 

Because your gonna be gone for 2 days. 

Well I promise to face time and text all the time alright. Even if that means in class I have to face time you I will. 

You promise me. 

Yes Justin,I promise you. 

Ok good well then let's go tithe park and then to the airport. I can't wait for you to meet them. 



More to come soon





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