My Everything

Please read! Aubrey is 17, gorgeous, queen of the school, and every guys dream girl. Until her dad gets a new job and she has to move away from her friends and more importantly her life at the top of the "popularity chain." But what will happen when she falls for one of the most popular guys in school who just happens to be dating the most popular girl or as most people think of her as the " bitch." Or will she fall for his best friend? Read and see!:)


1. The Move

         "Hey Dad! Hey honey. How was your day today? It was good like always!" This was our conversation the day that my life changed. An hour later I heard my dad yell "Aubrey! I need to talk to you!" So I walked down the stairs in my new Toms and asked him "What is it?" He looked at me with caring eyes as he told me about his new job and how amazing it would be. I was so excited for him, until he told me that we had to move. "My life is ruined now!" I screamed over my tears as I ran up the stairs my Toms beating against the ground every step of the way. As I was running I could hear him telling me to start packing. But I didn't want to I didn't want to leave my amazing life...

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