One Direction Imagines *Temporarly closed*

Hi all you 1D dreamers, these are some imagines that you might like. And if you want a imagine story you have to tell me: your name, which boy from 1D, and what happens in the story. Enjoy!!! PS I'm not writing anything dirty! Sorry! Also sorry if they are cheesy and cliche! This is my first movellas. You have been warned! ^_^. Luv yah!


13. Suprise

  Request from Jess

  Imagine: You and Niall have been good friends from God know when. And he has been there to support you and you have been there to support him. You guys usually go to the park to hang out when your feeling low or just to play with each other on happy days. One day as you guys sat down on the bench in the park Niall started strumming his guitar while singing at the same time. His voice was amaZAYN! "Hey Niall, your voice is amazing and i think you should go addition for the X Factor" You said with excitement. "Um OK I'll ask my mum to sign me up later" Niall said with a big grin on his face. "Do you think I can make it in the X Factor?" Niall said with a worried look. " Of course Niall, I mean you have an awesome voice and I hope you win and impress the judges." You said while putting you hand right shoulder. "Thanks I'm glad I have you here with me" he replied hugging you. You hugged back and he continued play his guitar. The next day as you finished eating your breakfast, you heard your doorbell rung and you answered the door. It was Niall with a happy face on. "Why so happy Niall"  You said as he walks in your house. "My mum sign me up and I'm going to addition today!"."Yay good for you Niall" You said patting his back. "And mum told me that you get to come too to see me addition, if you want" he said happly. "Um sure I love to come, since i have nothing to do today." You said as you grabbed your purse, head out the door with Niall and into the car which has his mum and dad in it too. You all drive for about 30 minutes until you parked into the parking lot. You head out and went into this building that has a lot of people in it. Niall and his parents walked over to a stand and got his number tag. They walked over to you and sat down in the chairs behind you. You sat next to Niall as he peel off the wraper and stick the number tag on his shirt. "You excited Niall?" you ask him. He nodded quickly as he take big breathes of air knowing that he is nervious. A lady that addition walked out crying that she didn't get in the X Factor. Which made Niall panic even more. A few minutes later a guy came out and called Niall's number. We all walked to the guy and the guy said that Niall is going to be next after this person. Once this person was done, it was Niall's turn as he walked up on stage. The judges asked him a few questions until they start playing a song that Niall is going to sing. Niall start singing and as soon as he finished the judges gave him a yes and he got in the X Factor!!! He thank the judges and walked off stage with tears of joy running down his face. He first hugged his parents then hugged you the longest. "Thank you" he whisper in your ear. "For what Nialler" you said in confusion. "For making this happen, and encourage me to just go up on that stage and preform what I can do to make those judges say yes." he said with a smile. "No problem Niall anything for my best friend". "About that, um Jess I know that we been friends now for a while but I don't want to be friends with you anymore." your mouth dropped and you were very shocked. "I want you to be my girlfriend" he finished off his sentence while scratching the back of his neck. You paused for a moment then replied," Of course Niall" You said giving him a hug. He smiles his gorgeous smile and leaned in for a kiss. You kissed back and you all walked home all happly ever after.




A/N: Sorry that it took so long to update. I was really busy!! :( Hope you enjoy the rest!! Plz no hate!! THX

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