One Direction Imagines *Temporarly closed*

Hi all you 1D dreamers, these are some imagines that you might like. And if you want a imagine story you have to tell me: your name, which boy from 1D, and what happens in the story. Enjoy!!! PS I'm not writing anything dirty! Sorry! Also sorry if they are cheesy and cliche! This is my first movellas. You have been warned! ^_^. Luv yah!


20. Meeting your parents

  Request from Brianna

  Imagine: You and Harry are getting dress because you are going to introduce him to your parents tonight. " Babe what if they don't like me?" Harry said as he button his shirt. " I pretty sure they will like you Hazza" you giggled at him. " You sure?" he asked. You nodded and looked at you one more in the mirror. "OK I'm done, you ready?" you said to Harry as you hugged him. "Um hold on" he said as he fix his hair. "OK I'm ready" he said and walked to the door of the car. He opened the door for you and you thank him. He nodded and run over to the other side of the car and hopped in. You gave him the direction to your parent's house. Once you got there, you hold Harry's hand and walked to the door. You knocked on the door and your mum came to answered it. "Hi mum!" You said and hugged her. "And who is this nice looking boy here?" your mum asked. "Mum this is Harry" You introduced. "Nice to finally meet you Harry, Brianna have been talking about you all over to the phone" your mum said hugging Harry. " Yeah I was so excited to meet you guys too. Brianna said your cooking is very delicious" Harry joked. "Yes indeed, do you cook to? My daughter said your a great cook" your mum joked back. "Yes, I actually enjoy cooking for Brianna!" Harry said as your mum let him in the house. "Your father is in the living room, dear" Your mum said as you enter the room. You guys walked in the living room and saw you father watching football (soccer). "Hello dad" you walked over to him and gave him a hug. " Hey pumpkin, who is this lad here?" you dad asked. "dad this is Harry, my boyfriend" you said has Harry shook your dad's hand. "nice to meet you sir" Harry said. You heard foot steps and saw your two younger twin sisters. "OMG what is The Harry Styles doing here?" one of them asked as both of them were shocked. " He is my boyfriend and he is mine" you said. "oh Harry this is Britney and Sydney my younger twin sisters" you introduced them. " Very nice to meet you two" Harry said bringing them into a hug. They let go and got ready for dinner. You all sat down and started eating the wonderful meal that your mum made and chatting about Harry. After dinner you and Harry thank them for the dinner and head off with a goodbye for everyone. Once you got home, you said, " I told you that they would love you". "Yeah yeah what ever" Harry replied.  You chuckled and showered, brush your teeth, and went to bed with Harry. 


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