One Direction Imagines *Temporarly closed*

Hi all you 1D dreamers, these are some imagines that you might like. And if you want a imagine story you have to tell me: your name, which boy from 1D, and what happens in the story. Enjoy!!! PS I'm not writing anything dirty! Sorry! Also sorry if they are cheesy and cliche! This is my first movellas. You have been warned! ^_^. Luv yah!


48. Leaving

  Request from Katie

  Imagine: You are dating the famous Niall Horan. He loves you dearly and never left your side. But then come X-Factor and he decided to join. He got three yeses and he is in. Now his schedule got even busier with his final school year and bootcamp. Soon your time with Niall decreases and you barely saw him.

  It was an ordinary and you were just watching TV hoping Niall could be with you right now. Your phone suddenly buzzes and saw a text from Niall. You let out a big smile and opened the message. It reads, 'Hey princess! Can you come by and met me at my house? I want to tell you something super important!'. Your smile grow bigger thinking of the possible things that he might tell you. Maybe he might propose to you? Guess not because you guys are still not old enough yet. You hurried and grab your shoes and head out the door. You ran to his house since its not that for away from yours. You finally got there and saw a big truck with loads of boxes in it. You were starting to get really confused. Is his parents moving or is he? You went up to his door and before you could even knock, Niall opened the door with one box in his hand and another on the door knob. "Hey Katie" Niall said walking pass you and set the box in the truck. "What's all this?" You asked following him. "I'm sad to say this but I'm leaving Ireland" Niall said hugging you. "What do you mean by leaving Ireland?" I hugged back. "I mean... I'm moving to London to do my career" He said. "Your moving and you didn't tell me until now?" You started crying. "Shh its ok princess" Niall said calmly. "No its not! What if I never saw you again?! Are we breaking up?!" You cried into his chest. "We're not breaking up, you are mine! And I'll Skype you everyday!". Niall answered rubbing your back. "Can you be an awesome princess if you could help me with the remaining boxes in the house?" Niall politely asked. You nodded and walked back into the house with him. "Hey Nialler?". "Yeah?". "Are you going to sell the house?" You asked. "Oh no! This house is full of memories! Like when I asked you to be my girlfriend! And it was our first date! And this is where my parents are going to stay so I can't sell it" Niall laughed. You two put the last of his stuff in the truck and now it was time for you to say your goodbye. "Well I guess this is goodbye" You said. "Yeah I know right! I wish this could be like this forever" Niall kisses you. "Yeah... promise you are going to Skype me?" you questioned. "Yep I promise to call, text, Skype, and possibly come back to see you again." He replied. "So you're driving?". "No... I hired someone to... who can actually stay awake for 24 hours all the way to London" He chuckled pointing to the guy in the truck who was waving at you guys. You waved back and hugged Niall for the very last time till you could see him again. "I'll miss you, be safe, have fun with the lads, and good luck on your career!" You said kissing him. He kiss back but this time it was a very passionate kiss. After that, he let go and went into the truck. He blew one last kiss to you and drove off.


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