One Direction Imagines *Temporarly closed*

Hi all you 1D dreamers, these are some imagines that you might like. And if you want a imagine story you have to tell me: your name, which boy from 1D, and what happens in the story. Enjoy!!! PS I'm not writing anything dirty! Sorry! Also sorry if they are cheesy and cliche! This is my first movellas. You have been warned! ^_^. Luv yah!


9. Beach

  Request from Eliana

  Imagine: You and Harry are really close friends that people sometime think that you guys are dating since you spend a lot of time with him. Today Harry decided that he is going to take you to the beach because its a warm day. Right now your packing the stuff you need for the beach like sun screen, towels, food, and others. You already have your bathing suit on under your clothes. So now your ready to go. You walked up to your phone and text harry that your ready to go. He texted you back that he is on his way to pick you up. You were so excited for this day to begin. Five minutes later Harry came and knocked on your door. You answered the door and hugged Harry. "Ready?" he asked. You nodded and both of you walked into Harry's car. A few minutes later, you guys arived at the beach. It was so nice and peaceful out on the beach. You guys picked a spot to put your stuff down at. Harry lays a towel in the sand and hoped on. You toke off your shirt which reveals your bathing suit. You sat next to Harry and Harry looked at you for a second. "What?" I asked. "It's just that you look beautiful today" he replied wraping an arm around you. "Thanks?" you said with a confusing face. "Tag, your it" Harry said as he ran away from you. You get and started chasing him. You ran as fast as you can and you finally tagged him. "Tag your it" you said. You ran away but you were to tired from all the running. You suddenly slowed down and decided to let Harry tag you anyways. But instead, Harry stopped behind you and carried you bridal style. You squealed as he carried you. "Harry, let me go" you demanded but he didn't. He just kept walking over to the ocean. Soon, the water level was about up to his hip. "May I asked you a question?" Harry said. "Yeah of course, but don't drop me in the water." You said. "Would you like to be my girlfriend?" Harry asked. "Wait I don't want to answer this question" you whined. "Ok then" he said then pretended that he was going to drop you. Harry fliped you and now your upside. "Ok I'll answer the question." you said with a panic face. Harry flipped you around and you said,"Ok, yes, I'll be your girlfriend". " Yay" Harry screamed and looked you in the eye. "I've been waiting for this moment for a long time." he said kissing you. You kissed back and Harry set you down. You sceamed because the water was cold. Harry laughed and carried you to the shallow part of the water. You guys played and splashed around together. It was the best day of you life!



  A/N: Sorry it was late but I hope you enjoy!  <3

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