One Direction Imagines *Temporarly closed*

Hi all you 1D dreamers, these are some imagines that you might like. And if you want a imagine story you have to tell me: your name, which boy from 1D, and what happens in the story. Enjoy!!! PS I'm not writing anything dirty! Sorry! Also sorry if they are cheesy and cliche! This is my first movellas. You have been warned! ^_^. Luv yah!


6. Amusment Park

  Request from Anna

  Imagine: You and Niall are at the amusement park and Niall just won you a giant teddy bear. " Ahhhhh, thank you Nialler," you said kissing his cheek. " Your welcome, babe" he replied. As you and Niall walk around the place,you stopped at the a ride that takes you high up in the air. You both got on the ride and it start moving really fast. You and Niall scream to the top off your lungs. Once the ride was finished, both of you felt dizzy of amwhile so you sat on the bench. "That was fun."you said. "yeah that was fun, but do you want some food?"he ask. "sure,what do you want to eat?" you said looking around to see if there is any food for the both of you. "Ohhhhhh, theres popcorn over there!!!!!!" shouted Niall as he point to a stand with bags of popcorn. You both walked over to the stand and ordered the popcorn. As you and Niall were eating and walking around at the same time, you saw a photo booth and said," Hey Niall do you want to go in the photo booth?". " Yeah sure" he said taking you in. You put the coins in and started taking nice pictures, funny pictures and cute pictures. Once it all finished, you two walked out and got the pictures. You and Niall both looked at the picture and Niall said," Awww, babe this is going to be the best memory yet". You gave him and kiss and you both walked back to the car.


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