Criminal 2: Stole My Heart

Jesse is back and badder than ever. She robbed, she murdered, she even stole. "People always say Im just looking for Trouble. Trouble finds me. Its like a mini hide 'N' Seek. Im hiding, Trouble is seeking." -Jesse Sharpe


1. Recap

  Hey. Just in case you dont remember, Im Jesse Sharpe. Trained criminal, not afraid of anything. I stormed out on the boys the other day. Its kinda hard to keep up. I moved back in with Jai. And now we are family again. We are goin solo. Together. I wonder how the guys are doing.

 *****NIALLS POV*****

  I dunno if Kay really loves me, or if she is using me to get to Harry. Shes in a falling out with Emily. I hope they will be friends again. And, ugh. Here we go again. The girls are fighting. "HARRY WANTS ME BITCH!!" Emily screamed. "NO!! WE DATED FIRST DUMBASS!" Kay yelled. " FUCK YOU!" "SHIT! I HOPE YOU DIE IN A HOLE WHORE!" "*gasp*" (A/N hey girls. Emily and K.Styles. None of this about you guys is true. its only for the story.) "THE FUCK!! YOU DIDNT JUST GO THERE!" "HARRY WHO DO YOU REALLY WANT? ME OR THAT BITCH, EMILY?!" "Whot? You want mee to choose?" Harry slowly asked. "Kay, can i talk to you? In private?" I aske with my thick irish accent. "Yeah sure, Ni." she replied with her soft british accent. "What the hell Kay?" "Excuse me?" "I knew that for a while." "Knew what Niall?" "That you only dated me to get to Harry!!" "Dafuck Niall! Why would you think that?" "Oh, I dunno. You got fricking jealous when Harry kissed Emily. You fucking screamed at Emily saying you were perfect for Harry not her. And you asked Harry to pick if he wants you ir Emily. This changes everything, Kay." "Niall-" "Kay, we should take a break. Im breaking up with you." "NIALL!!" "Shh. Just deal. Now if you need me, I will be in the kitchen. Then I walked away slowly.

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