Criminal 2: Stole My Heart

Jesse is back and badder than ever. She robbed, she murdered, she even stole. "People always say Im just looking for Trouble. Trouble finds me. Its like a mini hide 'N' Seek. Im hiding, Trouble is seeking." -Jesse Sharpe


7. no h8

HAI IM BACCKKK!! So sorry i havent updated. I have been super busy. College applications, projects, hw, chillin. So enjoy this chapter! 



  Jesse got hate. I cant believe it. How did i find out? You wanna know? I went onto twitter, searched @JMS and looked at her picture. I saw the comments. They were all bitches. One said: @Myayamya: FUCK YOU! Slut, you been too close to my precious boys. Bitches be like- Hey im Jesse. Jesse fucking sharpe. And i know your secret. i know who your fucking bitchy real self is! BITCH!!' Oh no!! SHE KNOWS!! So I posted a new tweet! '@NiallHoran- Mind your own fricking buisiness. You dont understand how hard things are. Jesse is my bestfriend. We arent going out. I needed someone to talk to, and all they boys are out with their girlfriends. @LouisTomlinson is back with @EleanorCalder , @ZaynMalik is with @Perrie (idk their real twitter names. Im not on twitter.) and @LiamPayne i back with @DaniellePeazer and @HarryStyles is with @EmilyKrypto!! GET A FUCKING LIFE!!' woah. i didnt just do that!  I commented on my own tweet: 'No h8!'

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