Criminal 2: Stole My Heart

Jesse is back and badder than ever. She robbed, she murdered, she even stole. "People always say Im just looking for Trouble. Trouble finds me. Its like a mini hide 'N' Seek. Im hiding, Trouble is seeking." -Jesse Sharpe


6. Niall no.

Hey MARLEYS BACK BUBBAH. And this is marley. I was having writers block. So yeah. Heres the new chapter.


 "I need someone to talk to. Jess and you i could go to. I know you are a Criminal, but we have that brother and sister bond. Wanna go to the movies? As friends? Or family?" I asked. "im not in the mood, Horan." She snapped. "Please?" "No!" "Fine then." I swooped her up 'Bridal style' and walked to my car. "NIALL STAHP IM FAT!!" She screamed. "You arent fat. You weigh like, negative 2 pounds. Youre really light." I replied. "Ugh." she grunted. I put her in the passenger seat and we drove to the movies.


  Niall picked me up bridal style. "NIALL STAHP IM FAT!!" I screamed. "You arent fat. You wegh like, negative 2 pounds. Youre really light." Niall replied. He put me in the passengers seat of his car and we drove to the movies. "Fine. If we have to be here, Im picking the movie, k?" I snapped. "K. Just dont bitch about it." He replied. "HEY!" i said as i playfully whacked him on the arm. "Lets see Ted!" I squealed. "Fiinnee." he said. "Two tickets to Ted." Niall said. He payed and we got candy. "I want this, and this and ooo definately thiss and ttthhiiiisss!!" Niall squeaked at the candy counter. "And two blue Icees. Thanks" he had two of everything he got. One for him and one for me. So sweet! He handed me a bag with my candy, then he handed me my icee. We could tell our Icees apart cuz mine had a purple straw, his was green. "LETS GO!" I tugged him to the movie. "We are such kids." he said. "Yup. Its nice bein immature." i replied. I laughed my ass off watching Ted. It was fricking hilarious! "Niall say food!" i said taking a pic. "FOOODD!" He silently screamed. His face kinda looked like this during the pic: 😆😋😎😁 all mixed together to make a demented face. I tweeted: 'Reunited with the sweetest almost brother! Love ya Niall! @NiallHoran' (i dont use twitter so is that his twitter name?) 113 likes already. But lot more comments. More were hate. '@Niallerspotatofangirl tweeted:

@JMS You are a hoe. A whore that shout fall in a hole and starve... u suck. I mean, you broke Liams heart, and louis' heart, now going for poor sweet Niall. Who the fuck do you think you are? *cough*slut*cough*' I replied: '@Niallerspotatofangirl thanks, bitch. Nialls a bro to me. And Liam fucking broke my heart. I know he was drunk but, he cheated. Then Lou asked me out cuz Eleanor broke up with him. I didnt go out with Lou. I couldnt take the drama. I was done. So dont judge me, asshole.' 

   I teared a bit. Dafuck Jesse?! Stand strong. "Whats wrong, babe?" Niall asked. "Oh nothing. Just dont call me babe. Its awkward. K?" I replied. Then the movie finished. 

  A/N- What do you guys think? I was a little braindead, with a smidge of writers block. But the chapter was okay... Got into a british college! Jealous yet? I even got into an Irish one, and one in Cali. Just fricking forgot the colleges names! AH. See ya livelies. I'll update later or tomorrow. Lots of love!

XXxx- Marley!

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