Criminal 2: Stole My Heart

Jesse is back and badder than ever. She robbed, she murdered, she even stole. "People always say Im just looking for Trouble. Trouble finds me. Its like a mini hide 'N' Seek. Im hiding, Trouble is seeking." -Jesse Sharpe


5. Harry?

Hey K.Styles here just wanted to update cause we haven't done so for a while now, so hope you like it.


***Kay's POV***

Me and Emily were fighting then I yelled "HARRY WHO DO YOU REALLY WANT? ME OR THAT BITCH, EMILY?!" I didn't mean to say it though, it just came out. Niall then came over to me and broke up with me. I mean I shouldn't be telling him to choose, I had Niall, I was happy. I shouldn't of been jealous, but Emily had to just rub it in my face, since she somehow cough Harry cough she found out I liked and dated him. "I can't choose" Harry said looking into my eyes. I know what they said- I still love you but I can't. "You can't choose?! I thought you changed, that you were mature, but man was I wrong you are the same asshole I left!!"I yelled. I dragged myself up the stairs to my room. I took everything I stole, with Jesse. Oh and speaking of the devil, I am starting to change back into my old self. She just left, didn't say goodbye. But now its my turn to leave. I walked down the stairs and out the front door, without anyone noticing. I was going to the only place I was wanted,he would help me. He was my everything here. We weren't just friends...      



AHHHHHHHHH ok sorry for the short chapter, but I wrote a longer and more interesting one, but as soon as I pressed save&publish, I lost connection and I almost screamed, but I was at school, so I couldn't. So sorry if you didn't like the chapter. And where do you think Kay is going? Who is her friend?  


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