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2. Tyler and Zayn (the mrs zayn malick)

Tyler's POV

I called my friend Fallyn to see if she would want to go to the fair with me. She started screaming yes and I haven't been there for years and stuff. So I thought we should go fast. I grabbed some cash, my phone, and a sweater. I walked out to my blue Camry and drove to Falynn's house.

*15 minutes later*

i pulled into to Falynn's driveway and knocked on the door.

"Come in!" I think she might be in a sugar high. "Hey Falynn!! Ready to go?" I wondered around her huge apartment to find her in the bathroom putting make-up on. "Why are you so fancy for the fair?" I was SOOO confused. "The fair helps me find boys." She was focusing on putting mascara on. "Why do you wear so much make-up?!!? I only wear a little bit so it doesn't look like I'm a dump!" I hate make-up. "Why don't you take a seat in the other room to cool off?" Her eyes were still Locked on the mirror. "Fine but hurry. Ok?" I walked to the couch. I started yawning like crazy. Then my eyes started getting heavy. Ten, I was out.

Fallyn's POV

Tyler walked to the bathroom and saw me putting make-up on and started talking about how she hates make-up. So, I sent her to the living room.

I finished my make-up and saw Tyler asleep on the coach. So I grabbed some make-up to put it on her and then woke her up. "Let's go girl! We're gonna be late!!!" I hollered at her.

Tyler's POV

**20 minutes later**

We pulled into a parking space at the fair. Me and Fallyn got out and paid our admission.

"What ride should we go on first?" Fallyn asked me looking at all of the rides. "Well... There's the Zero Gravity, the Mari-Go-Round, um.... Ferris Wheel, Bumper-" "Oh! I'm so sorry, love! I just had to deal with some non-sense and wasnt paying attention." He seemed cute. "Oh, i-it's fine. Umm.... " "I'm Zayn. Zayn Malick. From One Direction." I should probably get his number. " Hi, Zayn, I'm Tyler. Tyler Allison. I'm sorry, but what is One Direction?" I got my flirt on! "It;s a band. Wanna hang out?" I hope he likes me! "Umm..... sure! what do you wanna ride?" My eyes were locked on his. "Zero Gravity? It's my favorite." We have alot in common...

"Yeah sure. Can I ask you something?"  I cant believe I'm asling a celebrity for his number! "yeah! But can I ask you something first?" Rock Paper Scissors. "Hey!! I wanted to asl first! There's only one thing to do!........ROCK PAPER SCISSORS!!"

We started playing and  I relized Fallyn was gone. Uh oh. She probably found someone.. " I win!" Darnet.. " OK shoot." I had a grinn on my face from ear to ear know. "What's ypur number?' We both lauhhed as we relized we said that at the same time.

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