I'm in love with my cousin

Charissa decided to spend the summer with her cousin Harry Styles while her parents go on a cruse. Charissa and Harry have always been close cousins, Harry always sticking up for Charissa when she needed it. But as they spend the summer together feelings start to show between the two of them which leads to bigger things.


1. Change in Summer Plans

    I wake up to the bright golden sun shinning down on me. It is the first day of summer break and I am over joyed. I have everything planed out. I am going to hangout with my friends, watch a few movies, sleep in everyday, and go on a beach trip with my parents. I love the beach it is my favorite place to be. I feel so free there like I could do anything that I wanted to. The lovely warm breeze that blows, the crystal clear water that make you dissolve when you step in, and the birds that fly up above making nose; it is truly paradise. 
    I get out of my bed and walk over to my walk-in closet. It takes me awhile to decide on a outfit but I finally found one. It is a two piece set pink and black set with a crop top and high waisted shorts and a pair of my black Toms. I grab the outfit out of the closet and into the bathroom to take a shower. After a good twenty minute shower I stepped out grabbing a towel to dry off with and one to wrap my hair in. When I finished drying off I hoped into my outfit that was laying on my bed. Back in the bathroom I mess with my hair as I try to put my brown curly hair into a bun. I then put on a little bit of makeup; some blue eyeliner to bring out my blue eyes, some mascara, some foundation, and a little dap of hot pink lip gloss. 
    I head down stairs to see both of my parents sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and reading the news paper. My dad is a business man for some high end company in the city. He travels a lot because of his job so I hardly get to see him, but when I do we spend every second together. My mom owns a little sweetshop that always stays busy with customers. Everyone in the town says that my mom is the best cook in the world and it's true she makes the most delicious food and treats. I go to the cabinet grabbing a bowl and a box on cereal of the counter. I then pour the milk from the refrigerator into my bowl and put it back in the fridge. No longer then I sit down my dad say we need to talk. 
"Charissa, we need to talk about how this summer is going to go." My dad says folding the news paper back up and placing it in the middle of the kitchen table. 
"What do you mean that we have to talk about how this summer is going to go? Is it not going to be like every other summer, where we go to the beach, and I hangout with my friends?" I asked taking a bite of my cereal then pushed it away so I could focus on what my parent are saying. 
"Your father and I have been think, and we don't get to spend a lot of time together with us both working all the time. So, your father and I are going to go on a cruse this summer and we want you to spend the summer at my sister's house. I know that you a Harry have a strong cousin bond and that he will protect you, so we feel like that is the best thing to do. We hope the you understand." My mother says taking a sip of coffee from her cup. 
    I get where my parents are coming from and they are right, they don't get to spend a lot of time together because of their work. I am glad for them that they planned sometime for just the two of them to be gone and I don't mind having to spend my summer over at my aunts house. She has a teenage boy named Harry, who is my favorite cousin of all, and we are really close. Though this summer will be different I think that I could be fun. 
"I understand mom. This is a time for you two to have fun and I respect that. How long will you be on the cruse?" And when do you leave?
"We will be back two weeks before school starts, that we can all spend some time together before you have to go back to school. The cruse ship leaves tomorrow morning, so, we are going to drop you off at my sisters' tonight. That gives you the afternoon to pack all of you things for three months." My mom say with a smile on her face knowing that I understand and that I will be fine. 
    I nod my head in agreement. I get up from the table putting my bowl in the sink and headed up stairs. I have five hours to get everything that I needed for three months packed. I guess it's time to start backing. 

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