He Deserved It

A Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fanfic (or The Big Four).

Jack Frost/Merida. One Shot.

The after effects of a small fight in a faire.


1. He Deserved It

“Merida stop being so mean to Jack!” Rapunzel said in exasperation as she had to run to keep up with her friend.

“Och, I’m not bein’ mean, tha idjit deserves it.” Merida snorted, as she took long strides down the path towards a different ride in the faire.

“No, he was just trying to be nice to you!” Rapunzel persisted.

“Punzie, what goes on ‘tween Jack an’ I ‘tis not yer problem, go back tah spending time with Hiccup.” Merida sighed, beelining to the ferris wheel.

“But I can’t! Not with you and Jack firing insults at each other!” Rapunzel continued on, trying to get Merida to stop walking.

“Punzie I-” Merida stopped abruptly as she walked straight into the very man they were talking about, and they both toppled over.

“Jack!” Rapunzel cried, trying to help the both of them up.

“Oi! Watch where ya walkin Frosty!” Merida snapped at him, standing up on her own.

“Sorry!” Jack said quickly, jumping to his feet. “I came to say sorry Merida, what I said was rude and arrogant and I’m really really sorry.”

“Really?” Merida raised an eyebrow at him, crossing her arms.

“Yes!” Jack answered.

“Good,” Merida muttered, and then slapped his cheek.

“Merida!” Rapunzel said in alarm.

“Och, he deserved it.” Merida rolled her eyes, and then she leaned over kissed the cheek she had just slapped. “There, that ought tah make up fer it.”

“Definitely,” was all Jack managed to say.

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