F.A.T.E. ( Forever Always Together Eternity )

Two best friends Gabi and Casey are in love with one direction. They go to one direction world to go to a meet and greet. Two of the boys fancy the girls. Liam and Zayn. Will they break up with their girlfriends to be with Gabi and Casey? Will the other boys ruin everything and fall for them to? Read to find out. ( Comment and give me suggestions :D )


6. The Call

Zayn's P.O.V.

            I went back inside and the girls were gone. Boo. " Hey where did the girls go? " " Casey took Gabi to go get ready for her and Liam's date tonight. " Harry said. So, Liam had planned a date with Gabi tonight and didn't tell me? I walked over to Liam, stood on the door frame with my hands crossed over my chest, smirked at him and lifting an eyebrow while just staring at him. " What? " He asked. I smiled at him. This was going to be fun. " What did I do? " He asked me again. " What are you doing tonight, Liam? " Let's see if he would lie to me. He blushed and said " Nothing.  " Then he looked down. I can't believe he just lied! " Where are you taking Gabi tonight, mate? " I could feel hurt show across my face. He sighed and said " I'm sorry. I didn't want to say anything until we were officially together. I'm sorry. " He patted my back.

Liam's P.O.V.

        When Zayn asked me about Gabi, I kind of freaked out  a tiny bit inside. I didn't want them to know yet! Well, they were all gonna find out sooner or later. " I'm doing something romantic for her. " I said to him. " Can I ask you something? " He said. " Of course. " I said. " Do you think Perrie or Danielle will try to hurt Gabi or Casey, if they thought we were together? " He asked but in a whisper. I froze, I hadn't thought of that. I hope not at least. " They don't know them, or know where they live. Don't worry, mate. They'll be fine. And if they do try to hurt or do anything to the girls we'll call the police and they'll take care of Perrie and Danielle. " I said this calmly, but on the inside I was really scared about this now.

Casey's P.O.V.

     We had decided that Gabi would wear a cute dark purple dress with a light/ white cardigan. We would curl her naturally straight/ wavy hair, and put on a cute headband. She would wear some light make-up with some black flats. She was just about done, and Liam was about to be here. " Casey, are you coming? " Gabi asked.Just then my phone started ringing when I was about to walk through the door. " I'll be done in a minute! " I shouted down the stairs. The number was blocked, but I answered it anyway. : Hello? " I said. " Hello. There are rumors going around that you're dating Zayn. " They said back. Now I was scared. " Who is this? " I said. " I'll be watching. You stay away from Zayn. HE'S MINE!!! " They shouted. The voice sounded familiar. Wait a second- Perrie?? How did she get my number? What if she hurts me? Gabi came up the steps and when she walked in I realized that my eyes were wet. " Casey? What's wrong?! " She ran over to me. I told her what had happened. She went pale. " Don't say anything yet. " I whispered. " I don't want you to get hurt. " She whispered back. The doorbell rang. " I don't wanna leave you." She said. " It's okay. Zayn's coming over, I'll be fine. " I said. She looked more relieved but was still worried. " Okay. " She said. She gave me a hug and walked out the door. " Casey? What's wrong? " Liam asked. " Oh, nothing." I lied and looked at Gabi. " Shall we? " He asked Gabi smiling. I sobbed on the couch until I fell asleep and Zayn woke me up. " Love? Are you okay? " He said I cried again and whispered, " No. "  " What happened? " He asked looking panicked now. I told him what happened and he hugged me tight. " I won't let them hurt you. " He whispered in my ear.

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