F.A.T.E. ( Forever Always Together Eternity )

Two best friends Gabi and Casey are in love with one direction. They go to one direction world to go to a meet and greet. Two of the boys fancy the girls. Liam and Zayn. Will they break up with their girlfriends to be with Gabi and Casey? Will the other boys ruin everything and fall for them to? Read to find out. ( Comment and give me suggestions :D )


15. Sleepwalking

Gabi's P.O.V.:

       Ugh I can't sleep. I want to talk so bad! It is so boring not being able to talk! All the boys slept over so we all slept in the living room on the couch. I was watching everyone else sleep wandering what they're dreaming about. Niall gets up and walks somewhere so I follow having nothing else to do lol. I look at him and he got in the fridge. What the heck? I open the fridge and he's sleep walking. " Niall. " I try to whisper. He turns my way and grabs the bag of chips and starts shaking the bag until they all fall out.

       He then makes " coffee " without brewing it and just drinks the powder. Ew. Then he grabs a bunch of coffee cups and throws them at the shelves that hold the plates and stuff. I giggle and go wake the other boys. I shake each of them and cover their mouths. I point to the kitchen and shoo them off. One by one they go in and when I get back in their faces were so funny. Louis grabs his phone and records the whole thing. Then Niall grabs the jug of milk outta the fridge and walks to the shower. He turns on the shower and takes of his shirt.

           The boys plus Casey and I giggle quietly not wanting to wake him. He gets in the shower and opens the milk. He drinks it but then pours it down his front while singing like a drunk person. By this time we're all on the floor laughing our heads off until Niall wakes up. We dash out the door and run back downstairs and act like we're sleeping. I peek out of my eyelids and Niall looks confused but lays down and goes back to sleep.

        I wake up that morning in Liam's arms and smile.I stare at his beautiful sleeping face and he wakes up staring into my own eyes. He smiled sweetly and kissed my forehead. " Morning lovely. " He said. I smiled at him and we went to the doctor after breakfast. When we got there we took the back way so Liam didn't get recognized. He gently squeezed my hand and kissed me on the cheek before going to sit down. The doctor came in about 10-15 minutes later and we started the appointment.

   " Ms. Clarke. How are you? " He asked. I nodded my head yes. He removed the gauze and tape and looked at the swelling. He told me to open my mouth, and when I did that it cracked and I gasped and the pain was unbearable. But I got used to it. I had a trail of tears stained on my cheeks. I have more tape and gauze wrapped around my jaw. I cried the whole way to Casey's flat. I ran to my room and Liam followed and held me in his chest and laid us down. I cried myself to sleep and didn't wake up until the next day.

       My mouth hurts so bad! I start to whine to get Liam's attention. I feel bad that I have to wake him, but I don't know where my pills are. He stirs and two minutes later opens his eyes. " What is it baby? " He asks searching and stroking my face. I tried to motion for a pill bottle. He just looks confused. Then I just point to my mouth. " Oh! I'll get them, they're in my bag! " I nodded, relieved. He helped me put it in my mouth. I swallowed it and we carried on with our day.

 - One Month Later -

    " Liam! " I screamed with laughter. He was tickling me endlessly. " Say I'm the hottest person in the world and I'll stop! " He snickered. " Ahhh hahahaha! Please! " I shouted. He stopped. " Fine, but we'll continue this later! " He winked at me and helped me up. " Gabi! I'm so glad you can talk again! Now there's someone I can gossip to! " Casey shouted and wrapped me in a bear hug. " I missed you to! " I giggled. She squealed when Zayn picked her up by her waist and carried her out the back door. " We're going to my flat guys. You two have fun. " Zayn winked at Liam. I'm now living in Liam's flat and Zayn's living in Casey's flat. I miss her, but I'm really glad I'm with Liam.

     I smiled at him as he wrapped his arms behind me and my back against his front. He's so very comfy. " What do you wanna do? " I ask him. He shrugs his shoulders. " What ever you want to do babe. " He said. I smile. " I have an idea. " He says. " What? " I ask. He smirks devilishly and picks me up by my waist and throws me on the couch. " Now, where were we earlier? " He asks arching an eyebrow. My eyes get wide. " Oh no Liam no! " I shouted laughing. Even though he hasn't even started it yet. " I haven't even started yet and you're already dying of laughter? " He giggles. This is going to be a long night lol. And our fun began.

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