F.A.T.E. ( Forever Always Together Eternity )

Two best friends Gabi and Casey are in love with one direction. They go to one direction world to go to a meet and greet. Two of the boys fancy the girls. Liam and Zayn. Will they break up with their girlfriends to be with Gabi and Casey? Will the other boys ruin everything and fall for them to? Read to find out. ( Comment and give me suggestions :D )


3. Meeting Him

Casey's P.O.V.

     There he was. Looking perfect. He stared into my eyes and smiled at me. My heart stopped. Zayn. " Remember, keep your koolz. " Gabi whispered in my ear before Liam looked at her and smiled. She blushed and looked at the ground. Liam chuckled and when Gabi looked back up I can tell he looked in her eyes cause she looked like she got lost. " Let's get over there before anyone else gets here. " Okay. " She agreed. Zayn looked excited when I walked over to him. " Hello, beautiful, " He said. I blushed and he chuckled. " Hi. I'm Casey. " I said half whispering. He grabbed my hand and shook it. I looked over at Gabi and she looked like she was hitting things off to a pretty good start.

       " Can I ask you something? " Zayn asked. " Yeah sure. " I said. " Do you want a picture with me? " He smiled. I smiled back and said " Of course. " He looked excited. I went over to him and he wrapped his arm around my waist and i wrapped my arm around his shoulders. We took a picture and he whispered in my ear, " Can I get your number? " I gasped and he chuckled again. " Yeah." I squeaked. I gave him my phone and he typed in his number, then he gave me his phone and I typed in my number. " I'll call you later sometime. It was really nice to meet you, Casey. " He said. " You to, Zayn. " I said it back. I walked to the door and Gabi was waiting for me. I looked at Zayn one last time and he was staring at me. He smiled at me. I smiled back and Gabi and I went back to my flat.

Gabi's P.O.V.

       OMG!!! Meeting Liam was great! I got his number and he said he'll call me later. I think I'm falling for him. I just hope we become really good friends. Casey was so starstruck when we got back to her flat. I'm happy for her, well both of us. It feels like I have met my soul mate. Weird what love does to you, right?

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