F.A.T.E. ( Forever Always Together Eternity )

Two best friends Gabi and Casey are in love with one direction. They go to one direction world to go to a meet and greet. Two of the boys fancy the girls. Liam and Zayn. Will they break up with their girlfriends to be with Gabi and Casey? Will the other boys ruin everything and fall for them to? Read to find out. ( Comment and give me suggestions :D )


14. Confused Part 4

Harry's P.O.V.:

     " Come on! How much longer are we going to sit here and wait for some stupid old people to cross the street?! " I yell getting stressed out. " Calm down mate. We're almost there. Liam said that they still weren't allowed in the room yet so we haven't missed anything. We're all worried but try and relax a little bit. " Niall said. " Relax? How am I supposed to relax when our 2 best mates are in the hospital waiting for results on their girlfriends?! I will NOT relax! " I say hitting the dashboard." Harry. " Louis says. " What. " I say back without looking at him. " You really have to calm down. See? We're here. Pull in the back of the lot! " He says.

     We walk in and Niall asks for the room number of the girls. He sighs and says, " We're not allowed in but we can wait by the door with Liam and Zayn. " He leads the way while Louis and I follow close behind. We see Liam sitting in a chair looking exhausted and Zayn pacing along the door. " Come sit down mate. It'll make you feel better." Liam says. He looks like he's trying hard not to doze off. Poor lad. Zayn whips his head around. He looks like he's going crazy. " I will NOT rest until I know how Casey and Gabi are doing! How can you just sit there?! " He shouted at Liam. " Zayn we can't do anything! We have to wait until the doctor tells us we can go in! " Liam said. " I can't wait any longer! " Zayn shouted.

       Then the door to the girls' room opened and a concerned looking doctor came walking towards us. " Anyone for Casey and Gabi? " He asked. All 5 of us stood up and walked into the room and what we saw left us speechless. They were so beat up and swollen. Zayn fell to his knees beside Casey and started tearing up. Liam took Gabi's hand and started to cry. Then Louis said, " They're gonna be fine. They're tough girls. " The doctor cleared his throat. " Gabi suffered a severely broken foot, cheek bone, and jaw. She's going to have to eat through a straw for about a month is when her jaw and cheek bone should be heeled. Her foot might take longer since she had several fractures. "

        He paused and said, " She's going to have to be on crutches for a while. You need to take good care of her. " Liam looked at him and nodded as well as the rest of us did. He moved on to Casey. She was asleep. " Now, Casey has several broken ribs on her left side so she has to try not to put too much pressure on it. She'll have to do some breathing exercises. If she coughs up some blood call us right away. She to needs a lot of rest. They have to stay for at least 2 nights so we can monitor them. " We nodded and stayed both nights never leaving their side.

Zayn's P.O.V.:

     Oh no! My Casey! All I could do was quietly sob. After the 2 nights Liam and I decided to stay at the girls' flat since all of their clothing was there. Casey woke up finally but neither of them will talk. Well Gabi can't talk anyway but all Casey does is look at the ground, and when we try to look at her she looks away. I don't know what to do. Liam went to go lay with Gabi in her room and I carried Casey to hers. She was facing me but looking at the pillow. " Casey, why won't you say anything? " I whisper. She nods her head and looks at me in the eyes but then starts to sob. " Shhh. It's alright. You're safe. He's in jail now. " She whispered, " What he did to us, left me speechless. This is all my fault. " I looked at her confused. " This is not your fault. Why would you think that? " She sniffed and said, " Because it was my idea to go outside. " I pulled her gently into my chest and kissed her forehead and we drifted off to sleep.

Gabi's P.O.V.:

     I can't say anything and my head is spinning. I woke up in Liam's arms and smiled to myself. I wander how Casey's doing. I hope they put that man in jail. I went to ask Liam something but I couldn't open my mouth. I threw my hands to my mouth but didn't feel anything on the outside. What the heck? I started to whimper 'cause I didn't know why I couldn't open my mouth. Liam opened his eyes and looked at me and smiled. I started to cry 'cause I was so confused. Liam look concerned and brought his hands to my face. " What's wrong love? " He asked. I pointed to my mouth and he looked confused. Then he was like, " Oh! I'm sorry I was confused for a second. You're not allowed to open your mouth for at least a month. " My face went from scared to horrified. I got out my phone and texted him

To: Liam

Me: How am I supposed to eat?!!

     He answered out loud, " You're gonna have to blend the food and eat it through a straw. " He looked disgusted. I started to laugh 'cause I thought he was joking, but when I tried to move my jaw, it cracked and was very painful. I threw my hands to my mouth but of course I couldn't do anything. I went to the bathroom to freshen up. I saw my reflection in the mirror and my face looked like someone else. This can't be me. I was so swollen and cut up and bruised that it didn't look like me at all. I walked back out of the bathroom and went to my phone.

To: Liam

Me: How am I supposed to shower?

      As he looked at me I looked away and blushed. He looked lost in thought for a moment when he said, " You could have Casey help you if you need it. " I mentally slapped myself. Why didn't I think of that? I texted Casey. She finally answered after about 10 minutes. She came to my room and helped me. After that she helped me walk to the kitchen for some tea. Then Liam took over and helped me eat some breakfast. It was disgusting. Then we sat on the couch and were all just staring at each other. It was kind of awkward but then we started bursting  out laughing. Well I tried to at least. The other boys came over and we still didn't know what to do. Louis took my crutches and when he swung on them he fell straight on his butt. It was really funny. His face was flushed and Niall hit him in the shoulder.

    Since Niall did that Louis took Niall's plate of food and chucked it out the window - including the plate. Niall's mouth was gaping and so was Casey's. Liam and Harry were dying of laughter on the floor. Niall attacked Louis and started hitting him like a little girl would. Casey got up and poured her lemonade in Louis' hair. Louis stared at her and she started laughing. " Oh you did NOT just do that. " He said. " Oh I did. That's what you get for chucking my plate out the window! " She yelled at him. He went to the kitchen and we heard the blender running. " What could he be dong? " Harry asked. We all exchanged confused glances and when he came in the room WITH the blender he stopped in front of Casey.

      She looked at him questioningly and he smiled grabbed her shirt open and poured the substance down her shirt. " Ahhh! " She screamed. " What the heck was that?! " She pointed at Louis in his face. He smiled and said " Carrots. " Then he ran away. She stormed off to the shower. Liam, Niall, and even Zayn were laughing on the floor. Harry fell asleep so I went over to him with a sharpy and drew a mustache, beard and googly eyes on his eyelids. I'm so glad he didn't wake up. Louis came back and all the boys were laughing. About an hour later, Harry woke up and everyone but Casey and I had trouble trying to contain the laughter. Harry looked confused and got up and went to the kitchen. He came back and everyone started laughing. " What's so funny? " Harry asked. " Nothing. " Louis said. Harry pouted and sat down. " I need to go to the loo. " He said. We looked at each other wide-eyed. He came back and looked horrified. " Who did this to my beautiful face?! " He shouted looking flushed. Everyone but me made a run for it. He chased them without even thinking twice about me. That was close. Hahaha!

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