F.A.T.E. ( Forever Always Together Eternity )

Two best friends Gabi and Casey are in love with one direction. They go to one direction world to go to a meet and greet. Two of the boys fancy the girls. Liam and Zayn. Will they break up with their girlfriends to be with Gabi and Casey? Will the other boys ruin everything and fall for them to? Read to find out. ( Comment and give me suggestions :D )


8. An Eventful Night

Zayn's POV:

               A little while after I got to Casey's flat Liam came to pick Gabi up for their date. After they left Casey told me about the call. I can't believe that psycho path did that! I honestly don't like her anymore. "I won't let anything happen to you. I promise." I said to her. "I know," she says looking into my eyes. I can tell that Perrie had really upset her so I need to think of a way to get her mind off of it. I got it!! "Want to watch a movie?" I ask her. "Yes!' she says smiling. I went over and put the movie Paranormal Activity in the DVD player. "What are we watching?" Casey asks while sitting down on the couch. "Paranormal Activity!" I say with a devious smile. "Ew I hate scary movies!" she screams. "Don't worry i will protect you." I say while sitting next to her on the couch and wrapping my arms around her waist. Throughout the movie she screamed and hid her head in my chest. I held her really tight.


Casey's POV:

            *After the movie*  That movie was so scary! I had my head burried in his chest for like half the movie! Wait......... HE PLANNED IT THAT WAY! "I hate you Zayn Malik! I just realized why you made me watch that movie!" I shrieked. "Come on you know you liked being snuggled up close to me." he said while laughing. "Okay fine! Maybe just a little bit." I said giggling. He stood up and pulled me up with him. Before I could say anything he kissed me and sparks flew. It was my first kiss and it was amaZAYN! When we pulled away Gabi and Liam walked in. Gabi had bruises on her jaw and blood under her nose. What the heck?!


Gabi"s POV:    

             After Liam and Zayn left Casey and I went to our rooms and changed into our pj's. Then we went and sat on the couch. We talked about our night. I am so happy that she had her first kiss and that there was sparks. I just hope that my first kiss with Liam will be like that.


Liam's POV:

              When Zayn and I got back to the flat we went to the game room and started playing Call of Duty Black Ops. He told me about his kiss with Casey and how he felt sparks. I told him how I asked Gabi to be my girlfriend. We congradulated each other. I couldn't help but wonder. Will my first kiss with Gabi have sparks? I hope so.    



We have nothing against Danielle and Perrie. It just makes a good story.

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