Last first Kiss

I got this idea from the movie '50 First Dates' and a movie called 'Groundhog Day'. '50 First Dates', if you haven't seen it is about a girl that, on her dad's birthday, and with her dad, got into a car accident. And she doesn't have any short term memory, but only the memory from the day of her dads birthday and everything before that, so she keeps redoing that day over, and over again. Her dad, brother, and boyfriend, of everyday, try to help her remember. And 'Groundhog Day' Is where this guy is a news reporter, and has to do a thing for groundhogs day, but the next morning he has to do it again, and the next morning, and the next. He keeps redoing it everyday, and he hopes to get it right, and one day he finally does. So I hope you guys will like this, even though my descriptions of the movies are bad.


2. Prologue

"Hello Stella" A tall, curly haired man said.

"Do I know you?"I stare up at him.

"Umm.. Yeah we met yesterday, remember?"He said as he sat across from me.

"No I don't, I think you mistaking me for someone else."I said as I stood and walked to the door of the cafe.

"Stella, wait!!" yelled the guy.

"No please, just leave me alone" I said as I ran out of the door to my car.


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